Kjære lille Norge

Kjære lille Norge


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:100 minutes
  • Release:1973
  • Language:Norwegian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:stage,   joke,   revue,  

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Kjære lille Norge torrent reviews

ashley h (ru) wrote: This movie wasn't that bad..didn't see the point but I didn't shut it off either.

Tyler Y (nl) wrote: I was just reminded about this movie, and I remember that I actually bothered to watch it.The argument is constructed entirely on emotional appeal. They contend, to some extent, that some people were fired for what they were expressing, and that's really it. Could it be that they were making bold claims not backed by proper evidence? Nah, couldn't be...And then there's Stein randomly applying Godwin's Law to an extent you wouldn't believe, using this movie as an excuse to take a field trip to Germany and attempt to demonize the scientific community as Nazis.It's sad to see an older man who has some credit to his name ruin his entire life's work and turn into a child like this.Nothing of merit in this movie.

Stephen G (nl) wrote: The story is nothing unique or inventive- but Owl and the Sparrow is a well crafted movie wrapped up in just the right kind of charm that makes it hard not to love.

Abdul Z (ca) wrote: Possibly the best movie to come out of Bollywood, ever.

Sergel C (kr) wrote: Another old Chaplin short reel.

Matthew H (ag) wrote: The movie itself isn't bad, but "Six Days Seven Nights" is completely forgettable, average genre fare. And for the record, I found the chemistry between the two leads lacking.

Camille L (kr) wrote: Crooklyn est une respiration dans l'oeuvre de Spike Lee. Point de revendications politiques dans cet opus, juste une chronique d'un ete a Brooklyn, un coming-of-age movie porte par des interpretations tres reussies (Zelda Harris est parfaite), une mise en scene toujours coherente qui ose beaucoup (la sequence a la campagne, tournee en anamorphique) et une bande-son au diapason. Spike Lee parvient a equilibrer le drame et la comedie de maniere remarquable et Crooklyn n'a que quelques longueurs a sa decharge.

Austin W (ag) wrote: young guns may not be as good as its successer but it is lots of fun and full of action and adventure that would keep most people satisfied. but to all people looking for a masterpiece of a western look towards true grit the jeff bridges not the john wayne one.

Greg W (fr) wrote: The acting of Richard Burton and Peter Firth in their Oscar-nominated turns is good, but writer Shaffer and Sidney Lumet can't really open up the play

Casey T (br) wrote: Welch and Culp are dry and uninteresting save for moments that are few and far between. For most of the movie they walk through scenes with no sense of purpose or personality, going through the motions as if they hoped for an early rap. I've seen other reviews remark on the comic trio of Elam, Borgnine, and Martin but moments of actual comedywere, again, few and far between. Their constant shrieking and shouting over trifles is more often annoying than funny. Christopher Lee gets a small handful of lines but still manages to be the most engaging character in the whole film. His performance is the exact opposite of Welch and Culp's. An example I wish they'd followed. And then there's the preacher whose sole purpose in the story is to act as Deus Ex Machine which undermines the whole point of Welch's character becoming self sufficient and taking her revenge by her hands alone.The idea is sound. Lee, Borgnine, and Elam all good actors. The final product however is deserving of maybe the worst epithet a movie can receive - boring.

Private U (au) wrote: Absolutely horrible...don't waste your time.

Jon P (ru) wrote: This movie is totally funny

Gilda F (br) wrote: The worst movie I've ever seen.