Kjære Maren

Kjære Maren


Set in Rodeløkka of Kristiania eastside around the year 1900 and is a rough sketch of how it was to be young and unmarried working girl at the time. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Dorianator F (gb) wrote: Pretty good movie. Very great acting from the two lead actors. It was a great period piece. My only complaint was that it was a bit clich for a romance drama.

Gina W (fr) wrote: A young man commits one act that destroys the lives of many around him. The film portrays his coming to terms with what happened, his privileged upbringing, and his future. I thought it was a very thoughtful movie.

Stephanie C (es) wrote: basada en la historia real de una madre que lucha por descubrir la verdad sobre la desaparicin de su hija tras un viaje de estudio a aruba y su lucha por dar con los responsables.

Jeff S (fr) wrote: Flash of Genius was just.. lacking something. Or everything. Too many time skips, poor production values, a somewhat confusing storyline (unless you're already familiar with Robert Kearns's tale), and just plain bad directing. I don't necessarily think we had a poor concept here (albeit an overdone one), just poor planning and execution. A lone bright spot was Grey Kinnear, who I thought was excellent. And you had to come away admiring his character's courage, someone who gave up everything to do what was right, more than I think we can say for most of us. If there were more people like Robert Kearns on this planet, people like Robert Kearns wouldn't need to exist in the first place.

bill s (gb) wrote: A fun watch with very good performances,,,,,one of the better modern day political dramas.

Alan P (us) wrote: Mike Judge's humor in this movie is more sly and less crude than in his usual works, a fine movie to be enjoyed by office workers everywhere.

Dave N (de) wrote: Great cinematography, poignant messages, a mystical, calm, tense, atmospheric movie with great bits of humor. One of my favorite films of all time.

Andrew S (fr) wrote: This Disney classic is the reason I began to pursue the idea of becoming an artist! Although it does not quite match the quality of "Mary Poppins", (the film from which many of the creative minds were reunited) "Bedknobs and Broomsticks" comes very close with excellent effects, songs, creativity, and the impeccable chemistry between David Tomlinson and Angela Lansbury. Need I say more? I can remember being four years old and being so uplifted by the final sequence when the suits of armor from a London Historical museum that I just had to try and capture it on paper. I have been drawing diligently ever since. All I can really say about the film is that I love watching it, and my gratitude for all it has done for me will never cease.

Thomas A (mx) wrote: "Last Love" is a slow-paced drama about life and death which, unlike most others that run on similar theme, does not go into psychological stuff. Rather, the drama explores how Matthew (played by Michael Caine) fixes his relationship with his two children after the death of his wife (who appears in form of flashback shadows). Along the way, he is guided by the help of his newfound friend Pauline (Clmence Posy). Nothing inappropriate happens between Matthew and Pauline, as their bond is strictly one that can be found between a father and a daughter.The fact that the drama is based in 6th arrondissement of Paris, plus soundtrack from the likes of Norah Jones make it suitable for a pre-bedtime watch.

Eric H (ca) wrote: While its strange, mystical sense of suspense aids it, this movie is pretty mediocre in all other aspects, and yet I still find myself enjoying it. It's got terrible acting, bad picture quality and shaky, flawed transitions between scenes (and even stranger ones when it tries to demonstrate the Wizard's "power"), but it's still enjoyable. I wouldn't call this a horror movie so much as a strange combination of fantasy and gore, but it fits my Halloween bill well enough. The Wizard of Gore doesn't make a whole lot of sense, but then, like Phantasm, it isn't really supposed to.

Vasile V (gb) wrote: the movie is very interesting from the beging but the end is very stupid

J K (fr) wrote: Hannibal Lecter = cool cannibal . This move = not cool cannibals.