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Kjøter torrent reviews

Patrick W (au) wrote: This was a fun movie. While it wasn't truly that scary, it was a fun interweaving of multiple separate stories that take place in a small town in Ohio on Halloween. They dive into their own separate genres from the serial slasher, to ghost stories, to monster stories, and even humor horror. It was a good flick and a great attempt at a more modern Creepshow. While this isn't in the pantheon of horror films, I'd recommend it regardless.

Aaron S (ca) wrote: I really found this amusing. George Clooney gives a quirky performance about a guy in a sport I don't care about. I loved the music and the scenery, it really made me feel like I was in 1925.

Ryan E (br) wrote: Funny, weird, crazy. Hard to say why I loved this movie but you just have to watch it to see.

Mark D (gb) wrote: boring and a bit lame

Brian S (kr) wrote: I had no idea this movie existed until recently. King of the Wild Frontier was a childhood favorite of mine, so I was interested to see what this would be like. I think its lesser known for a reason. much more fantasy-driven with less believable acting and storytelling. still a cool movie, but it's not exactly as top-notch as its predecessor.

Ilsa L (kr) wrote: This supposed thriller is very disappointing and moves at snail's pace .It starts off very promisingly but soon gets bogged down and not even Michael Caine can rescue it. The cinematography is spectacular however and just as well because that's the only reason I could think of to recommend it.