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Klassikko torrent reviews

Martin G (ag) wrote: Visuellement russis , Automata manque tout de mme un peu scnaristiquement parlant mais se rattrape galement avec un Antonio Banderas convaincant

chanda w (fr) wrote: Beautifully told story.

Sarah C (ru) wrote: OK this was made on a very tight budget, so kudos to the makers for their accomplishment. But this was a terrible horror movie. Absolutely nothing happens for the first half hour, by which time I'd totally lost interest. When it did start, the action wasn't enough to regain my interest. #fail

Kyle M (au) wrote: Sarah Michelle Gellar in a dramatic role. I'll watch this!

Monika K (mx) wrote: I enjoyed the scenery of this movie. The aspect of surfing and the vibe going on in this picture.

Deepak D (fr) wrote: Amazing, grim and fast paced movie. Shows the crime and drug problems of Brazil and its favelas as the writer sees it.

Matt R (es) wrote: A little sci-fi DTV, actually not bad at all, highly watchable...

Katelyn B (jp) wrote: This was alright... kind of funny at times, and definitely entertaining... but I don't know, it kind of fell flat for me. Matthew Perry isn't a totally great actor, and Elizabeth Hurley is a good actress. The two of them together seemed off. And I totally forgot that Amy Adams was in this! Love her!

stefn birgir s (au) wrote: Alan Arkin is good, the movie not so much.

Laurel S (au) wrote: disney movie.but it was cute.

Brandon O (ag) wrote: Finally got around to watching "Cemetery Man", which had been hyped to me as a "low budget cult classic", and it's a total disaster. The first 2/3 of the flick operates in the same vein as Peter Jackson's brilliant "Dead Alive", featuring en endearingly detached and overly philosophic Rupert Everett as a cemetery caretaker spending his nights corralling the recently undead back to the afterlife. It is clearly an absurd plot but even so the humor was handled well within the surreal environment and kept things appropriately cheeky. This is all fine until the final half-hour where the story fractures in several directions at once and no longer resembles itself. Don't know what the screenwriter was thinking here, what could have been a satisfying genre flick is only confused and unsure when it matters most.

Stephen K (gb) wrote: Mediocre Brazillian WIP (Women in Prison) film.A fake snake attack near the end of the film is a riot of fun, but otherwise there is not much to recommend here. Keep an eye out for the perpetually changing facial hair of the prison warden. Skip this, and rent an Ilsa film ... you'll thank me.

Tyler E (mx) wrote: The coolest thing ever. I want the soundtrack sooooooo badly

suwern w (jp) wrote: why not make it hundred..

Timothy M (ag) wrote: Pretty much barren, apart from the self-referential gags (although the pimping of both Paramount and VistaVision becomes tiresome), and the gambling scene where the Lewis/Martin combo [i]really[/i] works. The rest of it is a non-event, although the songs are OK.

James L (de) wrote: With some significant - but basic - tweaks, this film could be awe-inspiring. Instead, it leaps back and forth from the totally pointless to the simply magnificent. If it could undergo a full re-cut, a severe reduction on dialogue, and the introduction of more shots like the roller-skating through the hotel lobby, whilst at the same time carefully preserving the beautiful sentiment and character it possesses, then there's the full likelihood of a masterpiece. Easier said than done? Maybe.