Newly graduated teacher Anna-Greta is courted by a senior student.

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Jason T (br) wrote: The movie means well with a nice plot, story, and performances but its been done a million times before. Predictable and full of typical stereotypes

Scott W (fr) wrote: "Up to 73 million sharks are killed annually for their lucrative fins, which can fetch up to $300 per pound mostly in Asian markets as a soup ingredient." Sadly enough, the fin used in the soup is virtually tasteless and prized only for its texture. And a bowl sells for about 150 dollars. (Keep reading below)

Matthew D (mx) wrote: This putative concert documentary, a category of films I generally detest, is a beautiful, bittersweet commentary on second chances, friendships, hope and redemption. These four musicians are human, humane and compelling.

Jake B (mx) wrote: yall are dumb it was a good movie i mean really, its a cartoon not the f-ing titanic so why dont you guys got find something better to do than critisize children movies

Brandon H (gb) wrote: Great movie, sometimes one can only wish that upon the paprazzi.

Paula K (us) wrote: An Argentinian road story - three people heading for the same place. Very low budget with mostly non-actors - and it is great. A little uneven at times, but very effective.

Hannah K (es) wrote: Just as good as the first one! Melody is just like her mother Ariel!

Michael T (de) wrote: Campy Roger Corman-produced ALIEN rip-off has decent special effects.

Rob P (gb) wrote: Decent Sci-Fi, not entirely sure if its worthy of its high scores though. Still worth a watch though.

Ethan L (us) wrote: Aight here's the deal, my boy Viggo gotta see a man about a horse. Basically he not even playin I mean what you think Viggo play for? get on dat saddle and race cross the Gobi desert prolly. I forgot what he racing for but I know he got dat strong connection wit animals like Eliza Thornberry. and can you believe dudes tryin to kill his ass? I was frontin decently hard bout the whole situation. I saw it wit my girl, you know she love horses damn.

Kirk E (ca) wrote: Quite possibly the most disturbing movie I've ever seen. Like watching the worst of all holiday specials while on a peyote bender.

Aj V (es) wrote: The good news: Vincent Price plays Dr. Goldfoot again! The bad news: they put Mario Bava in the director's chair. This is a comedy, not a horror type movie! This movie is a mess, and it looks in the movie that Price can tell it's a mess of a movie too. If you're a really big fan of both of them, I'd say to watch this movie anyway just to see what went wrong, but if you're not a fan don't waste your time.