Kleftroni kai gentleman

Kleftroni kai gentleman

Stathis tries to find a job but in the meantime he finds Marina, who he decides to help figure out who is behind the motorcycle that has been stolen from her father.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1986
  • Language:Greek
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:disguise,   police,   gag,  

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Kleftroni kai gentleman torrent reviews

Mallory A (mx) wrote: A anemic, failed attempt at storytelling via real life events recreation.

Anne N (de) wrote: More "Trailer-Trash: Rags to Rags." Awww, pua ting. :(

Rawballs B (ag) wrote: Not because of the actors' acting I am not going to enjoy the movie... the sound effects is not joining the atmosphere... for me, Marco Beltrami is the best audio player and sound mixer... anyway, 'P2' is somewhat like a little sister of 'Red Eye' that ended up with a nice healthy fart...

Emily M (br) wrote: Kim Basinger was horrible.

Paul D (us) wrote: A film that is not very good at any direction pointed at whether the dumb humor, wooden acting, or not even close real to life description of 3 preteens/teens breaking into a bank.

Anthony I (nl) wrote: I thought that I would really dig the first movie by Guy Ritchie. I heard many good things. But overall, I don't know what to think of it. It's in a grey area between good and bad, and I don't think it was all so watchable. There are brilliant scenes in the movie, especially the beginning, and the very last scene of the film. A few of the action sequences are top-notch, and very exciting. But the characters are cookie cutter, and the plot is generic. The fact that people compare this to Tarantino is not right. He would do more with this material than what is done here. Not saying it's a bad movie, but I'm just not crazy about it. By the way, the movie can be really hard to understand at times due to the use of Cockney, or to make it quite simple, the British version of Jive. I may have missed half the plot trying to decipher what was said from each character. Hmmmm, I hope my critique isn't uncalled for then.

Andres E (de) wrote: gus van sants debut film is one of his best and one of the finest films of 1989

Knox M (au) wrote: Although undeniably a classic, the first entry in the long running Bond series is also very average.

Carolina S (us) wrote: Movie bad. The special effects are bad. Many apology to the blood. The images are not seen well. It hasn't a good plot development.

Bianca W (ru) wrote: Beautiful but tragic story. I love animals and bawled my eyes when Rosie gets abused. Great cast, even though it's only three main actors.

Thomas B (mx) wrote: Cusack is at his best here, delivering some inspired dialogue and showing some great chemistry with co-star Minnie Driver. Full review later.