Klein Karoo

Klein Karoo

A young teacher from Oudtshoorn, Cybil Ferreira, will do anything in her power to ensure the success of her project at the small farm school, Kalfieskraal. Cybil dreams about establishing a centre at the school that will provide a safe haven for the local children. The problem is, Cybil’s dream is in danger of collapsing before it even gets off the ground. The land Kalfieskraal is situated on is for sale, and none of the possible buyers are interested in her project. Not even her wealthy fiancée, ostrich farmer Meyer Labuschagne, could be bothered about her project or the fate of the children. Then Frans Coetzee comes into the story. A filmmaker with a broken heart, he is in the Klein Karoo with his team to make a documentary about social upliftment work in the area - and in the process hopefully forget about women, love, and all the baggage that comes with it.

Sometimes the first step to making a difference and following your dreams, is to follow your heart and find someone who shares those dreams with you. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Charles W (it) wrote: I usually find RT's critic ratings to be spot on but sometimes, as in this case, they are simply way off the mark. For sure the film is not Casablanca, and there are indeed plot weaknesses, but this is a sensitive and convincing account of the highs and lows of pursuing professional music in any context. I know several professional / semi-pro musicians and they tend to have lives full of contradictions and complications which all seem to resolve for a few golden hours when they perform. I thought the script was generally good with few wasted words. It's often what's NOT said that makes this watchable - clearly the Hedlund and Paltrow characters have crossed the line beyond 'sponsorship' but this is not shoved in our faces, and the details are cleverly left unresolved. The scene with the leukaemia boy is heavily criticised but I found it totally straightforward - it gives Kelly a bittersweet moment to remember that her disastrous marital and addiction problems are actually less than those of some others, and she is able, for a few minutes, to find her original 'pre-star' self and the first innocence of her relationship with McGraw's character. I also found that the effect of the film depends on listening with high-quality sound or headphones - I would defy even non-country lovers not to be moved by the genuine quality of the live-performed music, for example in the early scene where Hedlund rescues Meester; just watching the band playing actually gave me goosebumps...RT gives Premium Rush 76% - I'm not a dispatch rider but I found that film totally forgettable - and compared to this the 22% for Country Strong is ridiculous.

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Gabita G (br) wrote: Foarte frumos filmul

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Ger M (nl) wrote: may have seen it - I know I heard of it back then

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