Kleinhoff Hotel

Kleinhoff Hotel

Pascale, married to an architect, misses her flight to London and is forced to stay in Berlin, at the Kleinhoff Hotel where she stayed as a student. Karl, a would-be revolutionary lives in the adjoining room and Pascale spies him and his ex-girl-friend through a hole. Then she follows him to a questionable place where she is arrested by the police during a revolutionists raid. When she returns to the Kleinhoff Hotel, Pascale finds Karl crying, and enters his room to console him and they have a love affair.

Pascale, married to an architect, misses her flight to London and is forced to stay in Berlin, at the Kleinhoff Hotel where she stayed as a student. Karl, a would-be revolutionary lives in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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James D (jp) wrote: Solid cast who gave stellar performances. The storyline was well done if not a bit too predictable. Must say I did not really enjoy it though as I found it boring and did little to catch my interest.

Arnaud L (jp) wrote: Average ghost story.

Matthew P (us) wrote: Romulus, My Father is based on the memoir by one of its lead characters. Raimond Gaita was in his adult life when he wrote his book. In the film, he is still a child. Portrayed here by Kodi Smit-McPhee, Romulus, My Father tells the story of the lives of a few people. That's about it. There's little plot and the themes are all ones we've seen before. The performances are really good, but the entire film is rendered almost unwatchable because of how it was put together. I don't know who to blame for this major fault though. It could come down to the fact that this is Richard Roxburgh's dbut film as a director, or the blame could lie mostly on the editor. Maybe both are at fault. Regardless, the end result is one of the most poorly paced films I can remember seeing. This isn't a narrative problem; it's a problem of translating a perfectly workable story onto the screen. The primary issue that Romulus, My Father has is in the way almost every scene functions. The majority of the scenes are far too short, and because of this brief length, fail to evoke any response from the audience. They also end up not advancing any of the characters or even helping the plot move along. They become pointless when not doing anything, and because of this make the movie feel longer than it should. Yes, I'm aware that I'm saying that short scenes are making it feel too long. I truly believe this though. There are many moments in the film where we'll watch a scene for a minute, waiting for something to happen. Nothing will. Then, we'll cut to another scene, or we'll fade to black for a moment. The following scene will often have a similar problem. As will the next. But then we'll get to a scene of real importance -- one that functions and is engaging -- and we'll actually get something out of the film. Then it'll be cut short, and the cycle will begin anew. This is ultimately the only big problem that Romulus, My Father, has. Everything else is actually really well done, and had there been a lot of point to the majority of the movie, these elements would have shined through even more. The acting is great, the story, or at least, what little there is of it, is interesting, and even the cinematography is really nice. It's a beautiful film to look at, but then again, it's not hard to photograph an environment that looks this nice. Like I said earlier, the plot follows the lives of three characters. It is mostly told through the eyes of an eleven-year-old boy, Raimond (Smit-McPhee). His father, Romulus (Eric Bana) is a good person who loves his son very much. His mother, Christine (Franka Potente), has an on-and-off relationship with Romulus, and may or may not be seeing other men -- despite the fact that the two are still married. The plot is kind of weak, although this might just be due to how difficult it is to focus on, thanks to the way the film is presented to us. Because of the way we are constantly bombarded by pointless scenes -- or at least, scenes that are rendered pointless due to being too short to make a point -- almost all of the emotion that the film attempts to give the audience is lost. There are many moments in the film where I should have cared a lot more than I did, but because I felt disconnected from these characters, I couldn't bring myself to feel anything. In a drama, this is a problem. The strong cast almost makes up for these flaws. I've been critical of Kodi Smit-McPhee in the past, but here he shows that he has real range. Eric Bana as his father also gives a great performance. Franka Potente is less stellar, showing less range than both of her male counterparts, but this may be partly due to how she was written. She's often gloomy, and while that can work, some levity would be nice once in a while too. You would think that there would be something to come away with after you watch Romulus, My Father, but that wasn't the case. Most dramas give you something to think about or something you can learn while watching it. Its characters learn lessons, but they don't get passed on to the audience. Once again, a disconnect with the characters comes back to strike the film down a notch. It appears to us that Gaita had a rough childhood, but just showing us scene after scene of negativity doesn't leave us feeling anything -- not even anguish. I was really prepared to like Romulus, My Father. On paper, it seemed like something I would really enjoy. It has a good cast, has an emotionally involving story, and is set against a beautiful landscape. The execution, however, was really poor. The actors still do a good job, and it's difficult to ruin a picture-perfect backdrop, but the way the story is presented takes away anything that the film is trying to give its audience. We can't feel for these characters, and we can't learn anything from their actions, because the way the story is told makes that too difficult for us.

Liana F (de) wrote: it's not christmas maybe when it is i'll like it!!!! =l

Mental P (de) wrote: Piles of deadpan humor and a plot that's straight out of Monty Python.

Eddy C (es) wrote: Love this movie, Elvis was amazing in it and acted his ass off, just goes to show what he may of acheived with a better manager that didnt give him some of the later musicals. He was dark, broody and this had some great songs. The King at his best

Wes S (us) wrote: The idea behind the story is actually pretty genius, but the pokes at action-movie cliches and the self-aware setting hurts. The plot behind the plot is scattered, often laughable (intentionally and not), and hard to follow. Despite the fun premise, the movie isn't fresh in any other idea.

Richard L (br) wrote: Thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. I have not seen any of Firefly, and it didn't matter. The movie is fantastic.

Carolyn W (us) wrote: Such a beautiful film. Amazing to have seen in 70mm.