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Andrew M (us) wrote: Well I will be the first to review this movie. I picked it up at a local media store (HMV). I never turn down an independent zombie movie. From the start the movie stars with gore, but after the first gun shot it is apparent that all the audio is stock audio, and mediocre Foley. This would turn off most people but not I, for I have seen much much worse. The movie in total is low budget so the video quality is a tad bit better than most home footage. But enough of the technical bullshit. The gore in the movie is better then most independent films, my only complaint is the majority of the time after math is shown and the actual happening of the gore does not. This goes for the shooting as well. Now the acting, all that can truly be said is meh. Some points it is fine, and natural, other times it is horrid. These are not a-list actors, shit they probably are not even d-list actors, but they do a decent job. Another important factor to every movie is story. Not a word of a lie the story is not atrocious, well it is not atrocious for a zombie movie. It is not Avatar or Titanic, but it has substance. Not much more I can say about this film its entertaining. If you run across this dvd in your local gas station bargain bin i suggest you pick her up, its a decent movie to add to your zombie collection. Because every has a zombie movie collection right?

Barry C (ca) wrote: Far superior to the live action movie.

Ryan D (de) wrote: Quite possibly the worst film in the world. Rosie O' Donnell puts the cake down for a minute and does a fuck awful impersonation of Dustin Hoffman in Rain Man. I bet the daft cunt thought that this apparently true story of someone we couldn't care less about and her mentally disabled sister had oscar written all over it.

Arum Padma O (nl) wrote: it's a memorable movie, funny and weird. I personally like it, and the ending is incredible too. Must watch, especially for you whose world close with advertising.

Jeanne K (br) wrote: It's very viewable,but it lacks the anguish that parents should have after their only child is murdered.

Amy D (es) wrote: The most disturbing part was the perky blonde's lopsided nipples.

Ricardo J (br) wrote: Really entertaining movie, it also has a good storyline.

Brian M (ag) wrote: I have heard that this movie was really bad, and, I watched it for the first time today, and I didn't think it was that bad. But, it isn't your typical Mel brooks comedy either. I didn't expect much for a Mel Brooks film, but, some of the acting in this movie was actually pretty decent. I especially liked the charactor played by Leslie Ann Warren. She played a kind of crazy homeless lady very well. At least I thought so. But, I think people almost have to witness what people living on the street is like, to see that Brooks version of it was pretty darn close to reality. I have seen how homeless people live, the soup kitchens, and the people who seem to be not quite all there. And, even though the ending of the movie was kind of Lame. The rest was pretty decent. Take away some of the predictability, and some obvious plots, and it wasn't that bad. Some of the slapstick could have been left out, but, considering that only made up about 10 minutes of the film, it was ok. I think it's actually one of Brooks better films, because it stays on the subject, where some of his other films wonder too much.

Felix B (ca) wrote: A classic documentary that seems to scream amateur but what you get is a professionally-made, simplistic, enjoyable, and interesting presentation of the world of bodybuilding... and of Arnold Schwarzenegger!

Ralph R (es) wrote: I'll eat an Irish grape farmer's Scottish terrier before I watch this eggnog-o-rama.

Aminul I (ca) wrote: simple,great,emotional.

Giovanni M (es) wrote: This is a movie that I cannot recommend, it's far too dark for anyone who just looks at the IMDB summary or fans of Rebel Wilson's brand of awkward comedy. However, I found this movie really funny.

Rodney S (br) wrote: Stupidly funny! A good watch to change up the every other same ol same ol movies

Matt K (au) wrote: I'm amazed at the decent reviews this film is getting - if im going to be subjected to an hour of heroin addicts shooting up and screeching at each other about drug disputes, i at least would like to have a protagonist who is worth caring about (or an anti-hero complex enough to be interesting). Likewise, a narrative structure of any sort, and perhaps any attempt at resolution might not go astray. If you want a film that makes drugs look 'cool', try trainspotting. If you want full blown horror, try requiem for a dream. If you just want to spend an hour with unlikeable, depthless characters who will depress and bore you, this film (or prozac) may be just what you need.

Armando P (kr) wrote: Overrated movie, but amazing movie, although Nolan could stop borrowing items from another movies like Matrix and this would be a perfect movie.

Russ B (gb) wrote: 4/16/2015: Really not very good. Other than a couple chuckles, it wasn't very funny.