Klondike Annie

Klondike Annie

Rose Carlton, a kept woman, kills her benefactor and hops on a boat from San Francisco to the frozen north. She assumes the identity of Annie Alden, a missionary who dies on board on the way to Alaska. Rose/Annie preaches and saves sinners in an unorthodox manner. Meanwhile, Insp Jack Forrest, a Mountie, arrives seeking the murderer of Rose's benefactor....

Mae West plays Rose Carlton, the kept woman of Chan Lo (Harold Huber), who takes her from walking the streets to pacing the floors of her high rent apartment... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Russ B (gb) wrote: 4/15/2017: An ok movie at best. A great cast, but nothing real memorable.

Chris T (gb) wrote: Holy cow....go watch the trailer to this movie, it looks like a good film right. Now turn off everything inside you that might say I think I'll get Don McKay, it does look good. It is a huge piece of crap. The trailer is the whole movie. I like all of the actors and I can't say one good thing about any of them. It is shot very low budget and you can tell, which is fine but that shouldn't effect the way the movie rolls though the acts. In the end, the premise is actually good it's the execution that is lacking.

Bryn C (ag) wrote: An experiment in Collage Narrative. Some chapters really worked and I hope Craig keeps honing the format.

Edward B (fr) wrote: It's difficult to describe how bad Red Mist really is. But let's just say this is one of those movies that you'll probably find at the bottom of the DVD remainder bin or gloss over on Netflix without feigning much interest in watching. That's probably for the best.The story primarily plays out like a "I Know What You Did in Med School" with a paranormal twist. A group of medical interns get carried away one night with drugs and alcohol and decide to play a prank on creepy loner Kenneth by giving him a hefty mix of these toxins. To their surprise (and keep in mind these are supposed to be med students who should be educated in the outcome of overdosing and mixing drugs and alcohol), Kenneth falls into a deep coma. Terrified for their futures, they make a pact to swear they had nothing to do with it. Soon enough, one by one they're all slaughtered, as Kenneth starts having out of body experiences by possessing other people to do his murderous bidding.If this premise alone doesn't sound ridiculous/cliched enough to detract you, think about watching the dumbest and least interesting characters parade around trying to figure out what you already have. Or having to sit through botchy medical science. Or very lame and poorly constructed kill scenes. Or a really slow paced film devoid of anything suspenseful or scary. Needless to say, do not watch.

Agus B (ag) wrote: para mi esta pelicula,jaws y the shallows son las mejores peliculas live action de tiburones

alain c (ca) wrote: Ce qui m'a fait dcouvrir Patrick Senecal (meilleur crivain au Qubec!)

Michael D (ru) wrote: Amazing true story where despite knowing that the characters survive it is still gripping. Makes you want to seize the day.

andrew p (br) wrote: its a very moving movie

Seth S (au) wrote: I had to watch Run Lola Run for school. I probably wouldn't have sought it out otherwise. But as it stands, I'm happy I gave this movie a watch. It's as unique a film as you will ever see.This uniqueness is hard to fully rationalize. The film is less than 80 minutes long. The plot plays like the climax of a full movie, repeated three times. The editing falls into montage mode every few minutes. There is an animation aspect that I still can't explain. It feels like Tom Tykwer, the director, learned a bunch of filmmaking techniques, then stuffed them all into the same movie. But is that really a bad thing? It can be distracting, and it can be unnecessary, but Run Lola Run benefits from all its eccentricities. Without them, there isn't much left.What the movie does right is simple, it keeps a ridiculously high level of kinetic energy throughout. The film never stops! It barely takes a moment of a breather before launching into another frantic scene. And yet, the narrative never gets exhausting, thanks to the brevity of the run-time. There's no denying that the story can be repetitive (it's the same scenario, played out three different ways), but the movie is succinct enough to withstand these flaws.The film is bolstered by two dependable performances. Franka Potente (Marie from the Bourne trilogy) stars as Lola. A lot of the performance is relegated to sprinting through the streets of Berlin, but Potente proves herself as a solid lead. Moritz Bleibtreu has the main supporting role as Manni, Lola's boyfriend. He provides the finest acting in the movie.Run Lola Run is a neat concept film. It keeps things moving at a brisk enough pace to prevent any glaring flaws. But the story lacks substance and the characters lack development. At the end of the day, you won't remember the film two days after you see it, but it is certainly not a movie you will regret allotting an hour and twenty minutes of your time."Well, we all have our bad days." 6.5/10

Shawn W (nl) wrote: Richard Pryor's best film. Three auto plant line workers steal a union safe containing incriminating loan details. You can feel how hard it is to get ahead with a factory job in the 70s. Works because you can relate to the characters and the decisions they make. I like how he can't get the union to fix his locker and how former drinking buddies Pryor and Keitel end up on opposite sides.

Benjamin A (de) wrote: Ett tragiskt skande efter kompromissls krlek. Krlek r allt. Krlek r olycka. *stirrar ut i luften med tom blick*

Matt C (es) wrote: This is a solid underdog boxing movie, basically a true story version of 'Rocky'. Crowe and Zellweger have a decent chemistry and although it's going for low hanging fruit with the lump in the throat moments it pretty much succeeds. Perfect for a long flight!

Susanna M (gb) wrote: I liked the casting as well as the acting...however, the script lacked something. Storyline too disjointed.