Klondike Fever

Klondike Fever

This movie chronicles Jack London's epic journey from San Francisco to the Klondike gold fields in 1898.

This movie chronicles Jack London's epic journey from San Francisco to the Klondike gold fields in 1898. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Eric P (mx) wrote: the doc aspect is so/so but what make this so so good is the classic proformances that include Cream,Blind Faith and others

Eliabeth S (de) wrote: It had some good moments but overall not something I wanna watch again and again. I saw it once, I'm good.

Nick W (fr) wrote: A dark movie about the true life horrors of the underground sex trade. Another movie of the same genre only better is "Trade". both will make you feel dirty though

Si F (ag) wrote: Pretty dire 'horror'

Jason M (ca) wrote: Great documentary for anyone interested in one of the coolest sports that you've probably never spent any time getting to know. These guys are insane!

Bill N (es) wrote: good! lots of hilarious moments! rachel weisz id under-rated talent!

Grant S (it) wrote: A brilliant, searingly emotional examination of relationships and life.A man stumbles out of the desert in southern Texas. He appears to be mute, and doesn't respond to questions. The hospital he ends up in calls his brother in California, who comes to take him back to LA. His brother hasn't seen him in four years. What caused him to be catatonic and wandering around in the desert?Directed by Wim Wenders, Paris, Texas is an incredibly emotional journey, with a great deal of mystery attached too. Wenders drip-feeds information, slowly building a picture of the characters and their stories. The dialogue is rich with symbolism and allegories, giving hints to characters' situations...and lessons in life.The air of mystery and emotion is heightened by hauntingly desolate yetbeautiful scenery and cinematography and a superb soundtrack by RyCooder.The conclusion is incredibly moving - one of the most emotional passages in any movie I've ever seen, and is a great insight into the pressures on modern relationships.Might feel slow sometimes but it is never dull, especially if you like character-driven dramas, and the ending is well worth the wait.

Shawn W (ca) wrote: A sad tale told in a realistic way but slow to develop with a conclusion that seemed rushed. Depressing enough to be a tragic episode of Little House on the Prarie.

Bruce B (nl) wrote: This is a cult classic, everywhere I turn this movie has been review on Blogs and B Movie Sites and that's just what it is. A B-Movie. The movie starts out with setting the scene at a all girls (Who are hot) (And I don't mean outdoor hot) school, they are all there for some little to big crime, and of course one or two have a thing going with the male teachers, one is going to black mail a married teacher and winds up dead. There is more then one killer and someone is also a werewolf, I am not going to spoil it by telling you who, watch it. But I can't give it more then two and a half stars.

Andy P (kr) wrote: Plays like an extended length episode of the fantastic animated series with the mature writing, action and intrigue and a terrific soundtrack. The voice acting is also top notch, as is the wonderful animation.

Rick B (ag) wrote: Arguably one of the best "B" movies of all time.

Andrew M (ag) wrote: As fun and harmless as it is, Premium Rush offers little more than some smoothly directed bike stunts and two fun performances in the form of Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Michael Shannon.