Klopka za generala

Klopka za generala

Immediately after the war, OZNA insert an outstanding intelligence agent to catch the General Draza Mihajlovic.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:101 minutes
  • Release:1971
  • Language:Serbo-Croatian
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:mountain,   killer,   traitor,  

Immediately after the war, OZNA insert an outstanding intelligence agent to catch the General Draza Mihajlovic. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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(de) wrote: Great.Great. It makes me crying with my young memories.

Kristian M (mx) wrote: Would have been a lot better had the main characters not been so stupid

KARLA E (de) wrote: Anyone that hurts Colin Firth is my enemy..*insert vicious growl* :-P

Rodrigo R (de) wrote: It is not a completely terrible movie, but if bad, at first it gets a little slow and boring but after a while of 10 minutes will put something interesting, but ultimately one that is lost and later rescues her with a story that could give more, and very few moments of real tension in this film is quda a failed attempt to make a good movie.

Basil I (de) wrote: Basil IftikharOthello movie reaction Othello, the movie and the play, are both well known and have been seen/read by many. After reading the play and watching the movie I have my own view on each. I feel as if the play does not do as much justice as the movie does. The movie clearly portrays the motives of characters while with the play more deduction is needed to really figure out what is going on (that's why we study it so much). For example when you are finished reading the play, some still wonder what exactly is Iago's motive because it is briefly discussed in act one, but after watching the movie the jealousy of Iago is clear. Iago's jealousy may seem out of proportion in the movie because it is using a highschool setting, and his plans of deception (murder) seem too far fetched, but through his facial expressions and actions you can get a tighter grasp on why and what is actually happening. When he is talking to Oden in the weightroom you can clearly see that he is trying to push Oden to feel as if Dezzy is cheating with all the pauses and the whispering type speaking. In the play you cannot exactly unravel this type of information because everyone reads with their own tone of voice as well as the language is older english, the movie modernizes things for us to better understand the events. What I liked about the play that is better than the movie is that things are not so out of proportion because it matches the setting. For example Othello probably does not want to divorce or separate from Desdemona because it is very against the Church at their time and setting, but Oden easily could have broke up with Dezzy. Usually when things get as heated as Oden was making it out to be, like when he broke down the backboard or when he rants at Dezzy, the couple will break up. That is just normal in this day and age. Overall I would give the play a 6/10 and the movie the upper edge with a 8/10 primarily because the movie is more directed towards my type of audience, while the play is a legendary play it was just hard to read and relate to. I think I would prefer reading the play first then watching the movie because I really enjoyed having those moments where the parallel match and you mind explodes. One really good parallel is in the beginning when Oden, during his speech, calls out Cassio rather than Iago, then you see Iago boiling inside. This parallels to Cassio being Othello's lieutenant and Iago being mad about that. Another good parallel was when the coach of the basketball team was drawing a play he kept saying use Iago as a distraction, and Iago was mad about that. This shows a lack of role and Iago getting upset about as he does about his role in the play.

Adam H (de) wrote: Impressively realistic, sometimes harrowingly straightforward, this no-frills dramatisation of one of sport's blackest days ticks all the boxes in terms of grit and effectiveness. There are excellent performances all round, notably from Ricky Tomlinson and Christopher Eccleston, and a story of startling simplicity to hammer home the film's message. The injustice of the day will never be forgotten.

Dane B (de) wrote: Great martial arts action

Tori D (fr) wrote: It's a mystery suspense fantasy tale that delivers. An excellent hook that doesn't stop as we're given an array of cast members and a variety of horror themes. James Bernard's score captures the essence of fantasy and horror perfectly, and Terence Fisher's direction is the only way this movie could've been so good. As well, it has one of the best climaxes of Hammer Horror that I've seen to date.

Reno V (it) wrote: "THE RETURN OF THE FLY" - Most good movies has sequels. This 1959 horror film 'The Return of the Fly' is the obvious sequel to 'The Fly' from 1958. Unlike the previous film, this one was shot in black-and-white. In this part the son of inventor Andre Delambre continues the experiments of his father who was transformed into a fly. I did enjoy this sequel, as the brilliant Vincent Price (House on Haunted Hill, Edward Scissorhands) returns as Franois Delambre. A true horror movie classic. Several years have passed since the events of the first film. Helene Delambre is dead and buried. Despite the warnings of his uncle Franois (Price) Philippe Delambre is determined to continue working on the invention of his father: a teleportation device. To assist him, Philippe asks Alan Hines, a young ambitious man who secretly wants to steal the blueprints of the machine. One night, Philippe catches his friend red-handed. Things go wrong when a struggle occurs and he ends up inside the machine with a housefly...

Scott S (es) wrote: They Died with Their Boots On (1941) -- [7.0] -- Errol Flynn plays General George Custer in this romantic (though not very historically accurate) panache of the accomplished Civil War general who met a celebrated fate at Little Big Horn. Despite the liberties taken in the script, it's a fun mini-epic of a movie with a lot to offer the "Gone with the Wind" crowd. Flynn gives one of his finest performances here, opposite Olivia deHavilland in their last-ever, and arguably their best, screen pairing. Their farewel scene is all the more emotional for it. Flynn takes her by the shoulders and tells her, "Walking through life with you, ma'am, has been a very gracious thing." And as he walks out the door (to die) the camera dollies solemnly away from her. It's a heartbreaking end to one the best romantic duos in Hollywood history. The film is further elevated by terrific supporting turns from the likes of Sydney Greenstreet, Hattie McDaniel, and Charley Grapewin. Bert Glennon's cinematography and Max Steiner's score are also stand-outs.

Jens T (nl) wrote: For those who look at Douglas Sirk's All That Heaven Allows as nothing else than a tearful melodrama or perhaps maybe a 50's soap. All That Heaven Allows is actually the complete opposite of that. It's about the society at that time, that was strict and unconventional, where every one lived in a big white house with a perfect wife, with perfect kids. All these thing that can get in the way of ones real desires in life. Or is it just me who loved the movies that is inspired by this very first.It's about the lowly widow Cary Scott (Jane Wyman) who falls for the muscular and handsome gardener, Ron Kirby (Rock Hudson). But her high society suburban friends and neighbors does not approve of her relationship with a young and poor gardener. Cary is frozen out by every one, even by her own children, because they thinks she's violates the memory of their deceased father. Cary don't whom to chose, her family of her big love. But Ron thinks the answer is so easy, that he even doubts their relationship.All That Heaven Allows is a wonderful film that inspired a lot of other wonderful film such as Rainer Werner Fassbinder's Fear Eats the Soul, and Todd Haynes' Far From Heaven. They both have taken a step further, to themes involving transracial relationships. Even though All That Heaven Allows theme doesn't seems so radical today, compared with our more open society. It's still a pretty good movie that evokes the same feelings. Thumbs up.

James D (jp) wrote: Worth watching if you enjoy sci-fi action but not particularly memorable and a bit of a let down for those who liked the other films.

Fonie G (fr) wrote: The only thing that saves this movie is that awesome airplane scene.Grade: D-

Alan V (fr) wrote: Blah. Nowhere near as interesting or provocative as it thinks it is, with "twists" that are alternately predictable and laughable.