After his father death, Nikos moves from Ptolemaida to Athens. His uncle offers him food and shelter while he starts taking care of his dogs. Alone in an isolated suburb, he's wearing down into his misery routine, till the moment his relationship with his aunt changes everything.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:108 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Greek
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

Following his father's death, Nikos leaves the provinces to work in Athens guarding his brutish uncle's dogs. Nikos finds the dynamic of his relationship with his uncle changing when his uncle's wife draws closer to him. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jim L (it) wrote: The cinematography is really amazing in this documentary. Seeing the camps that are set-up across the desert, from the sky, as you are slowly taken over the entire Burning Man world makes this movie worth it on it's own. That being said, some of the back story on the Burning Man and the politics that you are presented with as the founders try to figure out how to deal with the event's massive growth, is drama that is compelling and interesting for the viewers.

Denise P (fr) wrote: Mean Girls 2 takes a deeper focus on the cruelty of teen cliques only lightly explored in the original, and as a result, sacrifices much of the fun that made its predecessor a classic.

Josh J (ru) wrote: I found the character of Mike Weiss very interesting and the fact he was a lawyer and wanted justice but also was a severe drug addict which interfered with his work. But what he contributed to the case to help people that had died from needle infections was actually good. Although the film never really reaches a climax point and just keeps going the same pace and intensity throughout.

Erik O (br) wrote: Not at all what I was expecting. Going off the poster, the name, and the leads--Aselton and Shepard--I thought this was going to be a fun, lighthearted Comedy... but it's a pretty heavy look at a modern relationship, and the lengths people will go to just to "spice things up." I couldn't really root for either of them, because I felt like they were making a mistake from the very beginning. But, setting that aside, the movie is very effective and heartbreakingly honest. It makes us feel the anguish that the characters, themselves, are feeling.

Joetaeb D (ca) wrote: Flat, unscary and dearth of filming decency or originality. The Apparition is an utter failure of a simple horror that never has or gains anything for it. Taking all the defining flaws of crappy horrors I've seen recently (Ouija's Motiveless movie, Lazarus Effect's failure to explain things, The pyramid's technical inadequecies and the Devil inside lack of proper ending.) and mashing them terriblyMy Advice: Leave it alone and it will do no harm

Vince K (it) wrote: Sick Girl is my kind of girl, man! She's cute as fuck, super nice and sweet, but also insanely bipolar and does the sickest, most fucked up things to people from which they'll never survive! One of the opening scenes is great, where she gets on a bus full of school girls and tackles the nun, beating her and then pissing in her face. She massacres the school bus, then runs into 2 dudes in a car while hitchhiking and slits one of their throats. Why is Sick Girl like this? Well, with her parents deceased, and her older brother (who she is in love with and tries to french kiss in a flashback) away with the marines, she's left to raise her younger brother. A big biker who is a friend to the family also helps out, and the three of them seem pretty nice. Too bad he lets it slip her little brother is getting picked on 3 bullies at school. She kidnaps them (love the part when she gets one of their heads stuck in the car window and drives off with him dangling), and forces them to kill eachother. She takes the survivor back to her barn, where she also has tied up a stuck-up blonde bitch from the bus and the other dude from the car that tried to pick her up. She has a lot of fun playing with them. Especially when she makes a wooden strap-on, with a wooden spike, cuts off the dude's dick, impales it on the spike, and rapes the girl with it. The cock falls off in the chick's cunt and gore starts spilling out as she gets raped with a spike. But Sick Girl is so sweet and nice and funny that you root for her the whole time! This movie is totally fucking hilarious, has some of the sickest horror I've ever seen, and the only thing wrong with it is the horrible acting. Which is forgiveable. Buy this and show it to your friends.

Monica S (au) wrote: Really touching and beautiful. A single mother on an exotic and spiritual journey, that is also selfish and endangering to what she puts her children through. Gorgeous scenery, with tiny details that glimmer and stay with you.

Jay B (au) wrote: As good/bad as every other carbon copy family comedy of the '90s... but they didn't have Sinbad and Hartman... 2 men who always made me smile.

Nicholas G (es) wrote: A very interesting movie, that tells us from the first 20 minutes who the killer most probably is. What I liked about this movie is that we as an audience delve into the mind of the killer and see how he thinks.This killer appearance wise seems like a normal guy and has a family that loves him. He keeps practicing to try and get a women into his car. After a string of failures he finally succeeds to lure the girlfriend of the protagonist. The protagonist continues to obsessively search for his girlfriend even after being missing for three years. My problems with this movie was the unnecessary scenes with the protagonist and his new girlfriend.(If he stayed single his obsession would have felt more real) SPOILER ALERT------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A reasonable man would not have drunk the coffee,why would someone give up life for an answer when that knowing answer could very well lead to your death. I think there could have been more ways that the protagonist could have explored to try and find out the truth. But as mystery/thriller movie it did what I expect from a movie from that genre and that is to keep you on the edge of your seat and to keep you guessing and wanting to find out what happened to the missing girl.

Spookie M (ru) wrote: Typical slasher movie made by Friday the 13th production team. Jennifer Jason Leigh made her screen debut here as a blind, deaf, mute girl being stalked by a killer. There are many nods to Hitchcock.

Lee W (us) wrote: A film that is amazing on so many levels. Jack Hawkins et al are on top form. A must see!

Deena D (au) wrote: Could have been way better. Costner is too old and his acting is very heavy... :(

Ryan W (es) wrote: The only thing that really interested me in this movie was the special effects but outside that this a very laughable and uninteresting few hours with these astronauts

007 W (kr) wrote: Star Trek into darkness is a really good movie, I definitely like this a lot, even though that I wish Khan wasn't the enemy in this movie it's still a really good movie

Mique W (ca) wrote: It's cute what this sleep-inducing bore thinks is smart and funny - sure, they said, let's have these teens talk like how [they think] adults talk, cause art! I can't think of anyone who would use "I was pondering death" as an excuse to not turn in their assignment. Also, George got on my nerves early and often.