Kniga masterov

Kniga masterov

Young princess, whose mother is the evil Baba Yaga (Liya Akhedzhakova), happens upon a magical stone; when she touches it, she's transformed into the wicked Countess of Stone (Irina ...

A beautiful and kind girl, daughter of Baba Yaga, finds a magical stone Alatyr while walking in a field. It transforms her heart into a stone and puts her under a queer curse. She is to be the evil Countess of Stones and live in a stone tower. If the greatest gem-cutter in the world brings the stone of Alatyr to life, though, she'll become the ruler of the world. The Stone Countess, now cruel and selfish, is fascinated with the idea. She starts searching for the best gem-cutters and forces them to work with Alatyr, so the magical stone would become a living thing. Neither of the gem-cutters succeeds, so she kills them. While being imprisoned in her tower, they work on a large book about the secrets of gem-cutting. Each of them edits the book, so it's later named "the Book of Masters". . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mike B (au) wrote: 1.5/5 stars. The fact that I am a screenwriter and this movie exists makes me ashamed to be alive. NOTHING here is funny. *The dialogue is affected and epically bad. A single line that wasn't funny the first time it was uttered is repeated EIGHT MORE TIMES IN SUCCESSION. EIGHT times in a row. EIGHT more times, it gets said. That's EIGHT times, in case you missed it. Once again, the same line is said EIGHT times. EIGHT, in case you were counting. It's hard to believe that they said the same line another EIGHT times. EIGHT times saying the same thing. Just like that, except every time, IT WAS IDENTICAL. Mindbendingly AWFUL and incredibly irritating. *My wife and I kept looking at each other in disbelief. They repeatedly broke the fourth wall with poor effect. The entire film is a series of flashbacks. The entire cast is wasted. The story is so shallow you'll be hard put to find it.*I don't want to continue because I'm angry I wasted part of my life watching this thing. Please don't watch this film. PLEASE. Please don't. Don't, please. I'm asking that you not watch this film, please. Please don't do it. I am asking, please. PLEASE. Please, do not watch this film.

Jessica B (us) wrote: While it starts out with a slightly promising premise after 30 minutes it's all downhill and boring.

Mohammed A (au) wrote: It's not good movie to watch

Mihai M (ca) wrote: There's a lot to like here, but ultimately it all adds up to a mess.

Dain B (ag) wrote: A young couple falls in love? sounds intense

Molly C (ag) wrote: SOooo great and so funny! Not to mention that the guy she ends up with is SEXY!!! I saw this awhile ago so I can't remember any great details

Kathy S (nl) wrote: all star cast. cute story. typical boy meets and falls for girl of a 'wrong' kind. Still cute!

Marie O (gb) wrote: who has this DVD!!! i need to see it..

Private U (ca) wrote: A documentary that follows a war photographer around (I know, the title is subtle) in Bosnia, certain African countries, and true slums of Indonesia. While it was slow moving, it was well done.

Senti V (gb) wrote: Tko misli da je ovo najbolji film sa ovih prostora?

Keith R (es) wrote: It's difficult to treat this film on its own merits, without comparison to Roadkill. It's less chaotic, and thus more approachable. The quest is more linear, and while it's still not about the quest, exactly, that changes things.Setting much of the film in the US changes things too. It creates more of an us-vs-them dynamic. Jackie and Pokey are *threatened* where Ramona is mostly only baffled. Also, and this is perhaps a petty complaint, the cuts between shots of Ontario and shots of the American South for the same narrative locations are occasionally jarring.None of which is to say that Roadkill is necessarily a better movie. Fans of one will probably like the other, and the question of preference is probably more a Rorschach test than anything else. But this one is more conventional.

Yvan P (gb) wrote: Vraiment un film qui brasse les motions. La musique est vraiment belle. Et que dire d'Isabelle Blais. Remarquable.

J M (es) wrote: "The Rock Gave A Rock Solid Performance"("Holy [Cow] -- It Is The Rock!")*** 1/2 A Nearly Identical Type-Cast Follow Up To Get Shorty With The Exception Of More Entertaining Rock Solid Cast Of Characters In My Opinion... The Rock Gave A Rock Solid Performance As A Depressed Body Guard That Could Raise His Left Eyebrow Hoping It Would Land Him A Roll In A Major Motion Picture. He Was Considered To Be Gay, Though I Couldn't Tell If He Was Or If He Was Just Being Down Graded By His Boss & Others That Thought Of His Behavior To Be That Of A Panty Waist. His Performance Was So Rock Solid He Gave Mostly All The Laughs To This Film & Was The One Who Kept The Interest In The Film Going. ("Holy [Cow] -- It Is The Rock!")

Adrian B (br) wrote: Merely passable movie which has been done plenty of times and nothing new here.

Jonasia B (fr) wrote: goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooookoooooood

mike h (es) wrote: nothings cooler then wanting to be a male gigolo, well at least back in the day nothing was cooler, now theres reality stars and gleeks, i still think male whores are much more cooler, even though the might not be real, there realer to me. Nothing like driving a 70s convertible listening to blondie, and picking up gap tooth models for sex, what happen the world, when did everything get so lame ass balls oh ya i remember it started with madonna and when don't hill from there.