Knight Of The Dead

Knight Of The Dead

Hunted by raiders, a band of crusading knights escort the holy grail through a valley of black death where they must hack and slash their way to freedom.

Hunted by assassins, a band of crusading knights escort the holy grailĀ are forced into a forbidden valley of black death. What they discover is far more terrifying than the plague. Overrun by hordes of flesh eating zombies, their only chance for survival is to hack and slash their way to freedom. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Knight Of The Dead torrent reviews

Alex S (au) wrote: Mostly blah, like ALL THE CLICHES. Still, the actors are committed (particularly Joaquin Phoenix), though none of their characters are necessarily convincing as a result of the mediocre writing.

Helen E (jp) wrote: I loved the feel of this was very bleak and very British, or rather Scottish. Some brilliant acting and a great screenplay but it was slow going and often monotonous. Didn't stop me from wanting to find out what was going on though, it did have that suspense. It's worth a watch just because its so real and has a very emotional ending but not one that will stay with me.

Jake S (ca) wrote: phantom chess would be fun!

Bryan S (jp) wrote: pero ni por molestar pude terminar de ver esta pelicula, me cae mal daddy yankee pero aqui me dio lastima :S.

Jen S (ag) wrote: Bizarre and not remotely like the books. Everything seemed strangely plastic and artificial in a world that should have felt dark and gritty. Not impressed.

Niki S (au) wrote: Norwegian comedy. I'll leave it at that.

Joe H (ag) wrote: Only watched because I wanted to see every shark film ever made, which i think i now have, but this is definitely rubbish

D M (fr) wrote: Quite good actually! D

Michael T (de) wrote: Frank Capra's comedy with music (the Oscar-winning "In the Cool, Cool, Cool of the Evening") is a pleasant diversion.

Cathy M (fr) wrote: Spotty, funny, unrealistic, a little gross.