Knight Without Armor

Knight Without Armor

After two years as a Czarist British agent posing as a Russian Commissar, he rescues a Russian countess from her Bolshevik captors. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Knight Without Armor torrent reviews

Jack Y (nl) wrote: Um, interesting premise, but the jokes get repetitive. No wonder this was straight to DVD. Everything is largely used up in the rst half-hour and the lm drags on from there.

Dan G (it) wrote: This movie seriously was as good as the book. Absolutely spectacular. And very well worth the watch!!

John R (es) wrote: 140910: Some good history.

ramis v (es) wrote: very disturbing because it probably happened that way

Lucas B (kr) wrote: This film, for me, is a perfect 10. It destroyed me in the most satisfying way possible and stayed with me for days. I don't usually go for the alleged "chick flick" genre, but this is a classic, a must-see. My praise is solely due to the electrifying performance of Debra Winger. She is so alive as Emma. So quirky. So magnetic. As her character moves through the ups and downs of life, her heartbreaking optimism never falters. When life brings her down, and it seriously does, the hopeful gaze never leaves her face. Truly have never been so blown away by a single performance in my life, nor have I ever wanted to hug a fictional character more. I just cared for her so much. Watch her closely when she meets Patsy's New York City friends, when she doesn't have enough money at the supermarket, and when she has to say her final goodbyes. She brings out such a huge abundance of emotion with just a single facial expression, or a line delivered with her husky voice, she'll break your heart. She laughs and cries with her entire body. Debra Winger's "Emma" is a performance for the ages. It elevated the entire film.

Bruno L (ca) wrote: Outstanding! There is just something magical about black and white film, it is sometimes MORE expressive than color. I highly recommend it if youre interested in cinema as an art. 'I Am Cuba' is the ultimate form of political expression in art I think I have ever seen. Nice landscapes! Though very anit-American and pro-Castro to maybe an absurdest point, nevertheless the cinematography in the film is amazing.

Teresa L (ag) wrote: My first Horror film

Missy M (de) wrote: It was cheesy and fun. Super 90's. Flash of Jolie's boobs.

Eliabeth M (nl) wrote: This movie made me cry!! Good Movie based on horrible events during a bad war!