Knock on Wood

Knock on Wood

Ventriloquist Jerry Morgan has failed with another love affair. The reason: when the relationship reaches the point when it is time to discuss marriage, his doll Clarence becomes mean and jealous. His fiancée Audrey leaves him and Jerry smashes his two dolls, Clarence and Terrence. Morgan's dollmaker Papinek is member of a spy ring who has stolen the secret plans to the top secret Lafayette airplane. Since Morgan is leaving for Zurich the same night, he decides to use Morgan's dolls as a mailbox and hides the secret plan in the heads of the dolls. Another secret spy ring also wants to get their hands on Jerry's luggage and they *also* follow him. Eventually, Jerry is chased by both these organizations as well as the police, who suspects him of murder.

The film centers on Jerry Morgan who is a ventriloquist gets many problem about his love, relationship. Besides, he involves a plan of spies by chance and must run from the police. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Jason M (us) wrote: Rating is a 7.5/10. Good, entertaining film of the Michael Crichton novel. Easy viewing. A classic. Has a similar feel to "The Planet Of The Apes". Feels a little rushed at times. Lack of character depth. Rather short at 88 minutes. This is the first film that I would ever suggest should have been longer. Yul Brynner, the quintessential villain in black!

Greg W (ru) wrote: they got the rating but lost the review

N M (nl) wrote: Powerful acting but script has bowling ball size holes in the plot diminishes the movie to a pointless display of emotions from all the characters. Absolutely no credible context for the storyline and the structure of the film is way too overwrought. The plot flaws are so glaring, indeed even insulting to the viewer's intelligence, that it could be argued that this film dishonors real parents of emotionally disturbed and violent children. Ezra Miller's as well as Jasper Newell's performance are the only reasons to watch the film.

Johannes J (us) wrote: Slavoj Zizek: "My big worry is not to be ignored but to be accepted."

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Chucky (de) wrote: December 2nd 2012December 8th 2014November 8th 2016

Justin S (au) wrote: A heartfelt comedy fused with a healthy dose of drama, Happy Times (Chinese title: Xingfu Shiguang) does a good job of mixing genres while it remains entertaining and touching at the same time. In an effort to win the hand of a 'chunky' woman (Lifan Dong), Zhao (Benshan Zhao) claims he runs the Happy Times Hotel, when in reality, he's a retired factory worker, and his 'hotel' is actually an old bus painted red inside by Zhao and his American obsessed friend, Little Fu (Biao Fu). They call the bus Happy Times Hut and intend to charge lovers a fee to use it, in the hope of raising 50 grand so Zhao can marry his 'chunky' love interest. In the end, Zhao isn't thrilled with the bus idea and won't let the couples close the door, which brings a quick end to the Happy Times Hut. Meanwhile the 'chunky' woman, who lives with her overweight son (Qibin Leng) and blind stepdaughter, Wu Ying (Jie Dong), convinces Zhao to give Wu Ying a job at his 'hotel' to keep her out of the house and out of her hair. Zhao quickly finds himself playing the role of boss and caring father figure to Ying as he and his co-worker friends create a faux pa massage parlor in which Ying can work. As with Yimou Zhang's other films, Happy Times is filmed in Chinese with English subtitles. Although many people shy away from subtitled foreign films, I find that after watching several of them, it's no longer an issue. Anymore, it's sometimes difficult to remember which films were dubbed and which were subtitled. From films like the critically acclaimed Raise the Red Lantern (1991), it's apparent Zhang can do drama, however, with Happy Times we see he has a knack for comedy as well. The comedy is well timed, there's even a few sight gags along the way, such as Fu's Popeye shirt. The 'father-daughter' relationship which grows between Zhao and Ying is not only a touching story, but provides many laughs along the way. Both are great actors and bring life to their characters. The addition of Fu and Zhao's other friends, gives the film a sense of comradery. Also, the scenes with the chunky stepmother and her chunky son are entertaining as well. Despite the title, Happy Times is not all happy, but it is a really good film full of great acting, great comedy, and a story that will keep you intrigued, right up to the credit roll.

Anthony N (us) wrote: Terrible sequel to a amazing Disney film. I hated how they treated the romance between Smith and Pocahontas and I hated John Rolfe's character. The only thing about this movie were the animals and the character Uttamatomakkin who didn't say any lines of dialogue in the film at all.

Lindsey G (jp) wrote: Very interesting soundtrack digitally recreating the sound of a castrato. Fabulous sets and costumes to boot.

Mattias E (it) wrote: In a sense, Full Contact could be considered Ringo Lam's first American picture, since it so obviously speaks the Hollywood language: fast paced, high budget action pared with outrageously overdramatized plot and characters. Hence, a lack of soul compared to Lam's previous On Fire-series is evident. But what the movie lacks in depth and emotion it fully compensates visually. In fact, Lam has yet to surpass himself in that area.

Petri H (ca) wrote: Real scary movie... You sit on a sofa and scream and sit on your pants.

Paul D (ag) wrote: Ingrid was doing the director at this point behind her lovers back, she seems a little less interested in the film because of it.