Ko antey koti

Ko antey koti

Vamsi, a thief adept at scaling high-rises, is hired by Maya along with two others to carry out a huge burglary. The events unfold to reveal Maya's true motives as well as Vamsi's painful past.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:Telugu
  • Reference:Imdb
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Ko antey koti torrent reviews

Life I (jp) wrote: Best fighting movie ever

Ioana T (fr) wrote: Far from being a masterpiece, the film is a decent attempt at a claustrophobic thriller. The premise is intriguing - although not original - and while full of potential, the fails to impress in the end.Despite the predictability and the simplistic plot, I found the film quite enjoyable and really appreciated the visual style (anamorphic porn - squeezed backgrounds and lens flares) and the use of sound in some instances.Good choice in lieu of something better.

Emily T (de) wrote: kinda weird, but yet creepy haha.

Dana A (br) wrote: What an extremly boring movie that went nowhere, where nothing reallt ever happened. I hate to say this but Crossroads was better then this. I was more interested in Victor Rasuk's character then the main characters. How can there be such a steller cast and you have them pinned to a car for the entire movie. Joan Allen annoyed the heck out me and Katy Bates seemed to be trying too hard. Just not a good movie at all.

Graham H (ru) wrote: I was totally gripped to this movie from start to finish, this definatley won't be to every1's taste but for me it was nearly perfect kind of a mix between Saw, Phonebooth & Seraphim Falls but at the same time it was very unique, The acting was terrific, the scenery was spectacular and the whole movie was very intense, there was something missing i felt probably the lack of music but maybe that would make it less intense but one thing is for sure it is better than most of the so called blockbusters that have come out this year and i for one really enjoyed it, great stuff :)

Christina W (au) wrote: love how ppl modify thier body i love it and i modify my body as well

Ryan E (au) wrote: Feb 19, 2015Orchard HillMichael bredewegScott burden

Vicky L (ag) wrote: This was really funny.

Brienna T (fr) wrote: not much of a thrill ride, but this movie adds a huge punch of drama with a dash of mystery.-moviefreak24176

Luke B (ca) wrote: Whoever cast this movie did a great job of getting big names (past present and future) to do a lot of Naked dancing. If you are a fan of Sandra Oh then you should check this out. Total divergence from Greys anatomy.

Tim W (br) wrote: The best Screen version of Shakespear's masterpiece! You think you've seen them all? Think again!

Alex K (kr) wrote: Very fun. The last sequence is particularly spectacular. The plot is more of an afterthought, though. It shuttles the action along, but it feels largely disconnected, and I've never seen such fast falling action. It goes from climax to credits in 30 seconds. Jackie Chan doesn't have a scene with his rescued girlfriend or anything. However, that's due to the American version being largely reduced. That being said, the plot in movies like this is largely unimportant, and would probably get in the way of the enormous fun.

Greg W (ru) wrote: good historical drama about the atom bomb and it's creation.

Greg S (de) wrote: A streetwise, kung fu-trained black woman travels into the Hong Kong underground searching for her missing brother and immediately hooks up with the heroin-smuggling organization that murdered him in this martial arts/blaxploitation hybrid. Fast paced, poorly plotted fun; former Playboy Playmate Jeanne Bell is too sweet looking and can't kick butt, so to distract the audience from her lack of prowess she does a long combat scene topless!

Katie R (mx) wrote: A decent and fun romance that gets too heavy handed in its patriotism toward the halfway mark. But it still deserves notice for taking a look at the dire situation of Europe during the war.

Mike R (br) wrote: I didn't laugh when I was 10 years old...Not anymore laughs now.

Ethan A (ag) wrote: One funny set of scenes in the church when he "heals" people. The rest is just garbage.

Ivan G (ca) wrote: The reviewer who said 'not very exciting' apparently has little regard for history. This tale of a new naval war strategy combined with a fight the cut-off, abandoned U.S. forces know will end in loss, with their imprisonment or death, is full of the little touches that distinguish wonderful film from the mediocre.