Kobieta w kapeluszu

Kobieta w kapeluszu

A psychological portrait of a young Polish theatre actress, searching for her own way in life. She plays a mechanical dancer in a play "Dance of the Marionette", a complete opposite of her ...

A psychological portrait of a young Polish theatre actress, searching for her own way in life. She plays a mechanical dancer in a play "Dance of the Marionette", a complete opposite of her ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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jonathan h (ca) wrote: if your stuck on a CQ shift this is the movie for you let me till ya. it's got it all hot chick's moto bikes music m16 flamethrower and best of all land sharks. that's makes this a must watch for CQ

Dr Jack G (ru) wrote: Blood, Breasts and Beasts were the exploitative way of life. Not just in the US of A, but also in the Philippines where it was cheap. This documentary explores the revolutionary scope that a few directors took when they went to the Philippines to make creature features, women in prison flicks and anything else they could exploit that involved blood, more blood, lesbianism, chicks with guns, revolution against dictatorships, Pam Greer and Sid Haig.This is essential viewing for exploitative film lovers.

Allan C (fr) wrote: Decent little Steven Seagal direct-to-video film is helped by having a Hong Kong action director and stunt crew who manage to make the now rather anemic fighting by this film's star more exciting. I will readily admit to being a fan of Seagal and have a morbid fascination with his onscreen persona as the soft spoken Buddhist who then unleashes bone breaking fists of fury at a moments notice (he doesn't seem to do kicks anymore). The story has Seagal as an ex-CIA agent rescuing his kidnapped daughter. It's not exactly "Taken" but director Ching Siu Tung and his stunt team manage to put enough sound and fury around Seagal to make this film a bit more exciting than most of Seagal's direct-to-video output. According to IMDB, the director chose to shoot most of the action scenes without Seagal and then add him in later. Seagal did not care for this and made a stink, resulting in the director and his stunt crew walking off the set, but producers apparently convinced Seagal to go along with it, which I think resulted in a better film.

Anthony G (ru) wrote: "28 Days Later" takes the clichd zombie genre and transforms it into something very unique. Danny Boyle manages to cement the characters into the audience's hearts and not too many horror directors can do that. But here, he creates one of the most engrossing and scariest horror film of all time. It's unrelenting, grim, horrific, and completely nightmarish with it's dreary atmosphere. It's a mix of strong intelligent thinking, an artistic approach to direction, and an endless spinning narrative that engaged me right to the very core of it's scenarios. 28 Days Later defines it's genre as it's a perfect gritty horror, with a realistic and mind-boggling premise that you cannot take a breath for just a second.

Sherry M (au) wrote: Well told true story. Some people you care about instead of bullets only. Too gory. The "Saving Private Ryan Effect". every war movie has to get more graphic, leaving nothing to the imagination. Very good. Way better than Black Hawk Down. Some story lines! Mel good as always.

Robert B (ca) wrote: Dogville is a talented work, yes, but is it a great film? No, It's not great. The ending is flat, especially for such a long buildup. It's not wholly a film either. It's not that the stage play thing is wrong, it's fine (especially since the story is reminiscent of Greek tragedy). The problem is that it is lacking in light and sound. Maybe that is a good thing since the second half is heavy and long and feels real enough as it is. Still, Dogville is definitely a film to watch for two reasons: (1) an excellent performance by Nicole Kidman and (2) food for thought, one is definitely given a few things to think about. But be warned, this is not a film one watches to be entertained.

Scott M (au) wrote: "We're not gonna make it to scene 2""YOU ARE!"

Todd B (gb) wrote: If you were into Shadowrun back in the day, this movie was exactly what you wanted your game to be!

Chris C (kr) wrote: Garnered as one of the best action films of 1992, Under Siege delivers all the necessary thrills due to a career-defining performance by Steven Seagal and memorable performances by Tommy Lee Jones and Gary Busey.

Paul D (es) wrote: A fun, slightly bawdy teenage romp, but totally without purpose or a coherent storyline to surround the comedy moments. A sort of 80's b movie time capsule.

JeanPol C (it) wrote: Superbe film et toujours un magistral Clint Eastwood

Ben D (au) wrote: It might not be one of the best Cary Grant films, but The Bachelor and the Bobby Soxer has great heart, is often very funny, and is old-fashioned Hollywood nonsense.

Michael R (ag) wrote: The Worst Caper Film...

Christian H (fr) wrote: award-winning & historic cinematic classic from 1941 that I've been hunting for years. Phenomenal acting by Orson Welles. What an epic.

Millo T (fr) wrote: Good revision of the myth, taking it to the origins. EXCELLENT ACTORS.

Victor M (fr) wrote: Like other DVD from our collection, we find this one in a bargain. An extraordinary documental about the disastrous Altamont Free Concert given by The Rolling Stones at the end of their USA 1969 tour. Special mention to the fragments of Tina Turner presentation for her sensual singing "I've been loving you too long"

Lewis E (au) wrote: 'One Hour (and 38 mins) Photo' captures a clear picture of Robin Williams' capabilities beyond the frame of comedy. Here he plays a creepy photo technician who grows an unhealthy infatuation with a family, a role effectively played with such uncomfortable niceness that it manages to combine both disturbing and endearing qualities. However, the early promise of a sinister tale is abandoned in favour of a lacklustre conclusion which failed to take the characters in any significant direction. Perhaps worth watching regardless due to Williams performance but after such a gripping start, it was a shame it didn't apply the photo finish.

Private U (us) wrote: It's impossible to be unbias about this film. But it works big time for me. Forever interwoven with my childhood and to all who have read Ransome. It's beauty lies within it's innocence. S.A.A.F!!

Sam S (it) wrote: This was hands down, my favorite movie as a kid. It really has a way of making the impossible seem possible and opens up the imagination. It didn't help that my grandmother lived right next to a Stoney Creek. But, my sister would pretend that we had powers and one day we'd get to witch mountain as well. Plus, the effects are brilliant for their time and the actors are great. It's much better than that lame remake they did.