Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon enkelit

Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon enkelit


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Koeputkiaikuinen ja Simon enkelit torrent reviews

Adam R (ca) wrote: (First and only viewing - 2/5/2011)

John A (ru) wrote: This Final Entry Is Pretty Much Like The Previous One, Just Slightly Better.

Brody R (us) wrote: Gripping and mesmerizing!

Christophe C (it) wrote: Prototype mme du film g (C)n (C)rationnel base de h (C)ros paum (C)s, de musique "cool", de violence interne et externe, etc... Mais bon, c'est quand pas fait du mme bois qu'un PUMP UP THE VOLUME ou qu'un TRAINSPOTTING...

Snoop C (jp) wrote: I was actually an extra in this movie and other than it having Angelia & Ryan Phillippe, and a bunch of great actors...? The movie itself really is NOT Good :( Oh wait! Some of the dialogue is really awesome, overly pedantic..? But awesome :)

Trent R (br) wrote: A possible contender for the "Road House" title of most mullet-headed hilarity on film.

Paul D (au) wrote: One of those nice sci-fi ideas that are just not done that well. It's not that engaging enough and you just don't care about the plot or characters after a while.

raimoyna k (it) wrote: well to tell you the truth i didn't expect that i wouldn't like a film that paul newman stars in it.but here we are.

Neil L (fr) wrote: Felt that the movie had too many "main" storylines for the considered stars (Laurel & Hardy) to be worthy of that title. A few classic scenarios from the duo (and the angelic voice of Grete) saved the day from an otherwise inconspicuous feature length movie.

Chris M (nl) wrote: It was a great, very adventurous and very entertaining animated family adventure. It had great animation, really incredible voice cast, great characters, great music, really awesome action, really exciting adventure, lots of funny moments, very creative backgrounds and a great story. In my life, It's one of the best animated films of 1995. I've seen this movie before when I was at the Wilson's house. I really recommend this movie to both kids and adults.

Kristen M (ru) wrote: Fascinating! Jamie Foxx was magnificent! While it was a tuff story, it was well worth the watch!

Josh H (ru) wrote: Wasn't super blown away by this, but it was a good transition into the new generation of Star Trek movies. There's some elements of the storyline that kind of flew over my head but it's reasonably enjoyable.