Kogda Kazaki plachut

Kogda Kazaki plachut


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    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:1963
  • Language:Russian
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Kogda Kazaki plachut torrent reviews

Jesse O (kr) wrote: A movie that very openly wears its 80s movies influences on its sleeves. To the point that during the obligatory music montage, it steals some of the dance moves during the music sequence in Breakfast Club. Of course, you would think, that the worst thing that this movie can do is invite comparisons to the Breakfast Club, one of the best teen comedies of all time. But it doesn't feel so much as a ripoff as much as it is a very affectionate tribute to one of the films that, very clearly, influenced it. Admittedly, this movie is more hit and miss than I would appreciate, but I absolutely loved the tone and pacing of this film. It's not too serious or too deep, but it gets by on an incredibly likable cast and just being fun to watch. My favorite characters of the film, by far, would have to be Manuela, the school secretary, and the psychiatrist who projects his own repressed homosexual thoughts onto Modesto. These two fit the definition of effective secondary character down to a T. The fact they appear so infrequently makes each appearance memorable. Their bits, particularly Manuela's, are incredibly inspired and they got a lot of laughs from me. It also helps to have really talented actors like Silvia Abril, as Manuela, and Joaquin Reyes, as the psychiatrist. Their bits are the best parts of the film, hands down. And even without them, this movie would've still been fun. It's kinda surprising, in a way, that this film hasn't been remade in Hollywood. It's not that it's got a unique concept, or the film is that great, but just the fact of how fucking easy it would be to actually remake this. Not saying that this was easy to write, film, edit, etc. But it's just a movie that definitely needs to be seen by more people. A remake would open doors for people who, otherwise, wouldn't have given this film the time of day. Again, it's not like this is a great film, especially since it becomes a little too sentimental for my liking, but this is just a fun movie and sometimes that's just what the doctor ordered. I cannot stress that word enough, honestly. This is just fun. Those who are a little bit more jaded might dislike this, but I had a really fun time watching this. I would definitely recommend it as a Netflix watch. I had a good time watching this.

Korry S (it) wrote: F*cking hilarious! I now know who Russel Brand idolizes.

Steven S (kr) wrote: This was a good movie

Marvin B (ru) wrote: The confusing make-believe relationship of the leads got me thinking for a long time.

Allan C (mx) wrote: Take "Midnight Express" and cross it with an ABC Afterschool Special and you might get "Brokedown Place". Claire Danes and Kate Beckinsdale are teens wrongly imprisoned in Thailand for drug smuggling and then learn valuable lessons about responsibility. Director Jonathan Kaplan has made some decent films, but this one is too lightweight to be taken seriously and it's also not silly enough to be enjoyed as camp. It's somewhere tediously and blandly in between. It was kind of interesting to see an early American role for Kate Beckinsdale, but I think I might have liked this film more if it had decided to be more Jack Hill and was made as a big splashy Hollywood version of "The Big Doll House."

Grant S (br) wrote: David Lyons (played by Gene Wilder), a deaf man, runs a convenience store. He recently hired Wally Karue (Richard Pryor), a blind man. A murder is committed in front of the store and both are present but due to their impairments, can't identify the murderer. Moreover, they are the police's prime suspects and are arrested for the murder. They manage to escape but now they have the police and the actual murderers after them.A good comedy, with Richard Pryor and Gene Wilder at the top of their games and at the peak of their partnership. Some great skits, generally revolving around their handicaps, and some great one-liners. The deaf-guy-and-blind-guy routine works very well and is reasonably consistent. There are a few moments where you figure "he couldn't have heard/seen that" but it is generally quite sound. The broader plot does bring down the quality a notch or two though, regenerating into farcical chase scenes or cheap stunts and jokes at times. As mentioned, great work by Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor in the lead roles. Among the supporting cast, Joan Severance is worth watching for many reasons: stunningly beautiful and gives a solid performance as one of the bad guys.Kevin Spacey demonstrates that even great actors have to start somewhere (this was his fourth feature film): his gets to play a cartoonish bad guy with a silly accent and even sillier moustache and has very little room to show his acting talents. Yet, from such beginnings, great careers are born.Good entertainment.

Nour S (es) wrote: The worst film in the history of bad films. No matter how much we loved it as kids, we have to face the fact that we liked all the films we've watched then.Following the mid-eighties martial arts craze, some random Chinese dude who gathered the worst actors he could've found: a shy guy who kicks over and over, a cheesey African who badly imitated MJ, and a Russian who hates girls, made a film combining terrible acting, tremendously stupid story where a Karate proffessional never uses his proffession until the Russian pulls his crush's hair. Overall, on a scale of one to one hundred million, I give it a minus ten.

Luke W (fr) wrote: Absolutely gripping mystery that should have been obvious to me from the start, but the story is so well crafted, it is enjoyable nonetheless.

Dan P (nl) wrote: Fantastic archive footage ~ the real deal