Kohlhaas oder die Verhältnismäßigkeit der Mittel

Kohlhaas oder die Verhältnismäßigkeit der Mittel


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:90 minutes
  • Release:2012
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
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Deep in the Bavarian countryside Kleist’s historical drama Michael Kohlhaas is being shot. But instead of shooting a huge epic with impressive costumes and extraordinary props, grown-up men in suits fight with imaginary weapons. What has happened? Young director Lehman is fighting for his film, although all funds have been canceled. He’s convinced that the actor’s play and the fantasy of the audience will be sufficient. He fights for his vision as much as Kleist’s Kohlhaas fights for his rights. This film has to be finished. Whatever may come. Even if he has to go too far. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kohlhaas oder die Verhältnismäßigkeit der Mittel torrent reviews

MF J (us) wrote: A beautifully shot and acted little independent film. The story is nicely written and remain quite funny at times though the subject being treated isn't particularly joyous. The film has a beautiful cinematography and a very strong cast that manages to convey the necessary emotional charge for such story. Really good surprise.

Clarke D (es) wrote: This movie is great. Highly entertaining and very engaging. Cinematographry is breathtaking with especially good shots of Mexico. Story grips and takes you along with it. Pace varies, but it's never boring. Aidan Quinn is exceptional and Gina Gerson is always fun to look at. Catch it if you can.

Khaled M (gb) wrote: I liked it more that I expected , very colorful characters.

Jure K (gb) wrote: Ocekivao sam malo vise od ovog filma, doduse nije lako sazeti originalnu igru koja ima preko 20 sati materijala na niti 2 sata filma. Medjutim, mora se priznati da su karakteri vjerno prikazani, kao i to da postoji obilje referenci na igru, sto ce posebno cijeniti oni koji su je i igrali. S druge strane, iz scenarija su mogle biti izbacene sporedne price, na taj nacin bi se stvorilo vise prostora za glavnu pricu, koja je inace obradjena pomalo povrsno...

Heather J (ru) wrote: Interesting doucumentary narrated by my favorite actor!

Jim D (fr) wrote: A very well made documentary on genetically modified seeds and foods. And how our food supply is increasingly controlled by multi-national corporations. Recommended

Yosuke M (us) wrote: very fun for people who know Japanese culture. especialy 80s culture in Japan.

Aaron B (ag) wrote: Average horror flick about a group of teens who break into a supposedly haunted, abandoned hospital for Halloween. Ghosts of former patients abound.

Jesse B (kr) wrote: Remember seeing this a loonnggg time ago..it was worth a watch and laugh

John N (nl) wrote: A solid sequel. Fans of the early 80's will get a kick out of some the costumes and hairdos.

Dennis C (kr) wrote: DA-DA-DA DAH-DAH, tally ho chaps

Philip M (mx) wrote: Very entertaining. I'm not a UFC fan so it was much better than I was expecting!

Adrian L (es) wrote: I've seen worse cop movies, can be painfully slow, the cast is great but underused with the script delivered. Still i managed to watch it all the way through.

Nicki M (nl) wrote: Quite interesting, although I really expected a different twist at the end. .....mild spoiler..........quite honestly, I really though Kat killed her mother due to all the weird dreams. I think that ending would have worked, though I really didn't see the actual one coming either. Gregg Araki is an interesting director. His work can be hit or miss. This one wasn't great, but it was well done and I think I wouldn't mind watching it again some time. I may have liked it more if Shailenne was not the main actress. I am not saying she is bad as an actress, she's really not, and she does a good job here, but she doesn't have a compelling screen presence, and honestly she seems a little old for the part in appearance which is distracting. Eva Green, wow, she's really good as the unhinged mother who disappears. Glad I saw this. Stumbled on it on Netflix before having heard about it. Worth a look.

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