Kohlhiesels Töchter

Kohlhiesels Töchter

Somewhere in Southern Bavaria Xaver wants to marry Gretel, but her father Kohlhiesel wants his elder daughter Liesel to marry first. The problem is, nobody wants to marry her, because she's... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kristofer W (ru) wrote: OK movie the only thing thit was shocked about the person committed suicide

John W (mx) wrote: Not too bad a film for a piece of fiction

Chris M (ru) wrote: Introducing a new surefire nominee for Worst Film of 2011. I hope this doesn't go down as Borgnine's final work.

Rocky R (ca) wrote: Truly a wonderful movie. Sure, the production may not be multi million dollar - but, the story is true blue. It's fun. It's Godly. It's inspirational. It's real. It's all i can ask for in a story. A film. Great job. Why do critics always nail christian movies and rate them so poorly? It's so odd? I mean, is it that hard to believe that there is a God and if you are obedient the story can end well? Gee whiz. Must everything be doom and gloom or blow up the screen non stop or kissing butts of minorities for a critic to score it high? I'm tired of that. Great job on this film. You won't be disappointed. I may well be my favorite movie of all time

Jastin P (ca) wrote: i saw that movie never, but that movie is for india so I love that movie

Jeff B (it) wrote: I was just mostly bored by this film. It moved far too slowly and developed through the use of a bizarre plot gimmick. I guess I didn't "get it" on first glance, so maybe I'll re-watch it later with someone more interested in it than I was.

Steve C (jp) wrote: brilliant n e body got it on dvd

MJS M (nl) wrote: This 90 minute Chinese epic has never been released on DVD, as such I?ve had it on my ?to see? list for a while. Luckily I stumbled across a VHS copy of it at a library recently. Unfortunately, because I no longer have a VCR, I had to watch it at the library on a crappy 12 inch TV. It amazes me that I once thought VHS is an acceptable format, my viewing of the film was characterized by fuzzy graininess. This is particularly unfortunate because a big part of this film?s appeal comes from its lush, colorful cinematography. This was the first film directed by Zhang Yimou, and it also marked the screen debut of Gong Li. The film chronicles the rise and fall of a Chinese winery from the 1920s through World War 2. The story itself is rather melodramatic, but not necessarily bad. I was never particularly attached to the characters, and the whole thing kind of devolves into anti-Japanese propaganda in the last act. Still, this is clearly an important landmark in mainland China?s modern cinema, and it makes me want to explore more early Yimou films.

Nathan B (kr) wrote: This is a fantastic movie! It is an historic epic with great cinematography, good acting, and a moving tragic story!

Nate W (es) wrote: Any fan of new wave filmmaker Francois Truffaut and his signature character Antoine Doinel (around whom centred Truffaut's much acclaimed 'masterpiece' "The 400 Blows") will no doubt be keen on "Stolen Kisses", a follow-up of sorts to that aforementioned piece that catches up with Antoine now ten years older, but still struggling to find an identity, metaphorically illustrated by his inability to hold down a job of any kind. His misadventures are drawn more colourfully here than in "The 400 Blows", both literally and in comic spirit, making for a more palatable helping of Truffaut's usually dry humanism.

Ton Q (ag) wrote: The concept of Gamer itself isn't a great one, but the way it was done made it even worse. There are a lot of unnecessary details, most of which involve the internet aspect, and some scenes most likely shocked viewers not knowledgeable of the less mainstream sides of the internet. Gamer does present small bits of morale dilemma and controversy but it's far from being an intelligent movie and focuses more on the action aspects, of which seemed to only care about interesting teenagers obsessed with video games. If you fit that category, this movie may be for you. If not, this isn't a movie worth your time.

Ronnie D (br) wrote: Loved it....adult, adventure, superheroes, Justice league organizes, forms. Worth a rewatch fo sho!

Huw G (us) wrote: Ugly climate of fear stuff. The cunning is nowhere near adequate compensation for the torture-porn elements.

Francisco S (au) wrote: Worst than the first... Disappointing and very predictable screenplay but of course with a good cast and great graphics. Not original the part with the taxi remember us Harry Potter on the train (Harry Potter 3), when the ship comes to the top of the water remember us Harry Potter 4 like other parts of this film that finish being a little boring too.

Daniel P (mx) wrote: Johnny Depp and Armie Hammer make The Lone Ranger fun and entertaining in spite of its stereotyped characters, confused plot, and overlong running time.

Teri M (us) wrote: Superb acting and great history movie of women fighting for equality in England.