Kohtumine tundmatuga

Kohtumine tundmatuga

Mati is an assistant in TV studio. Patiently he has waited for his time to become a TV star but seems that he has to wait forever. One day an alien called Tipp is sent on Earth (by its chief Tapp) to find out the purpose of Estonian children's TV show "Tipp and Tapp". Tipp nestles himself inside Mati's brains that leads the man to unpredictable actions. The bit-slow and zany comedy is based mostly on real characters of the Estonian National TV in 1960-ies, that is the most funny point in the film. However, no presence of an alien has still officially been confirmed.

Mati is an assistant in TV studio. Patiently he has waited for his time to become a TV star but seems that he has to wait forever. One day an alien called Tipp is sent on Earth (by its ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Sgt C (au) wrote: (67%)During watching this tightly wound thriller I became hugely impressed by its fine performances, great writing, and hugely intriguing premise. But once this makes its way into its final few chapters the true extent of the main characters' evil makes this a very hard film to have anything other than respect, but not one shred of fondness toward. This in fact may be the most horrible plot to any film I've ever seen. Early on you can compare the seedy doorman (a very good Luis Tosar) to The Simpsons' Moe Szyslak, but once things begin to get very dark that comparison isn't very funny. This is well worth tracking down, but be warned, it really isn't a typical Hollywood light and easy sit.

Ben T (jp) wrote: I heard about this guy

Mike P (it) wrote: I really, really, really wanted to love this movie, but after the first half hour its initial appeal wore out on me. I fully expected to love it, but found it pretty bland most of the ride. I dug the setup and thought i'd be game for the interesting approach of a slasher parody, but only found myself slightly entertained. The fact that the film seems to be well liked by most had me feeling even grimmer when I downed it. It just didn't do it for me in any sense. Lack of gore, and misuse of time had me begging for it to end when the fun should have been just getting started. I'd recommend checking it out for true horror fan alumni it is possible this one just didn't work for me.

Jochen W (mx) wrote: Schon im Prolog etabliert FauntLeRoy das Motiv der Traumdeutung, das dann auch die mitunter erratische Erzhlweise von TODAY YOU DIE bestimmt. Dieser beginnt mit einem Bruxch von Meisterdieb Steven, setzt sich fort mit einem Raub im Zuge eines Geldtransports, bei dem Seagal semiunschuldig verhaftet wird, landet dann im Knast und nach dem Ausbruch bei einem Rachefeldzug ... ja, wofr eigentlich genau? Ein gewisser "Max", der tot ist und auch wieder nicht, sitzt im Zentrum des Geschehens wie eine Lynch'sche Zwischenweltfigur, und am Ende gibt es ein paar Explosionen. Die Polizei ist auch korrupt, in Gestalt des 100jhrigen Nick Mancuso, und das Ende ist vielleicht ein Happy End? Die Kinder jedenfalls strahlen in den Armen der ihnen unbekannten Protagonisten. Ein wunderbar frei flie?ender Film, die Welt bewegt sich um Seagal herum, der steht still wie ein Zenmeister. "... and though the world is changing, I will be the same." (Bryan Ferry)

Daniel L (it) wrote: I love this movie, Edward Norton and Robin Williams are incredible in this movie. The film had me constantly giggling or laughing out loud, I loved it.

Dawn (kr) wrote: Bleh! * posh accent* How posh!

Jordan T (br) wrote: a thin on plot B-movie from the early 70s. besides Gene Hackman's butcher boss Mary Ann, the acting is pretty much as expected. This movie excels at two things: showing how the vicious criminal underbelly had moved away from the urban core and become part of the Heartland. Plus, it does better sequences of process and product than any movie I have seen in ages: the opening montage of the cow butchering/body disposal bests Fast Food Nation by a metric ton, and provides some comic relief with the combine and the car bit.

Laura M (mx) wrote: Wonderfully acted and a bit quirky. I rather liked it.

John B (kr) wrote: Classic British stiff-upper lip escape movie.

Jordon J (it) wrote: Duvall can justify it all, he's just that kind of actor, but "A Night in Old Mexico" hasn't worked hard enough to give him a story worthy of his talents. In many cases, he is acting all alone up there. I say RENT IT!!!

Anney S (es) wrote: The movie is fun and I enjoyed it, but unfortunately, I just read the book before watching and can't help but compare/contrast (so many differences!). I preferred the book!

Tyrus L (es) wrote: absolutely ridiculous story and characters, but it turned out better than I expected

John Y (es) wrote: One of the worst movies I ever got suckered into seeing.