A storry about a friendship between two very different women.

A storry about a friendship between two very different women. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Weiting T (au) wrote: bored and overrated.

Amy H (mx) wrote: I thought this would be a better slasher like more slashing! I do like the story flows nicely and the acting weren't too bad. Not really sure if the title really is boys against girls but overall watchable.

Paul C (fr) wrote: 5 stars of me people.

Lee E (ca) wrote: great, why hasn't an android game been made? would love it

David J (ag) wrote: What do I like about "Almost Famous"? To start with, everything. From the warmly-nostalgic look into the golden age or rock-and-roll to the charming cast to the endearing coming-of-age story to the soundtrack that captures the era. There was a smile on my face during the whole 2 hour runtime and it didn't break once. This may be a bold statement, but I think "Almost Famous" is the best film about rock music since "This Is Spinal Tap" and Cameron Crowe's best film to date.

Joshua B (kr) wrote: I'm in awe at how well this movie was made! Congrats to Geoffrey Rush for such a spectacular performance and earning an Oscar!

laurie e (nl) wrote: i really liked this movie when i first saw it :)

Todd A (br) wrote: Ralph Bakshi obviously wanted to make a dark fantasy but his old habits die hard, and he keeps slipping back into the gross out humor, music, and narration found in his other works such as Heavy Traffic. Regardless, this at least has its moments of real drama and clever dialogue.

William J (jp) wrote: "About Alex" is wonderfully acted. Talented writing and impressive directing. Max Greenfield and Aubrey Plaza showcase their talents and successfully show they offer more than their iconic TV characters. Great indie drama. The best scene of this film is when Siri kisses Alex's scars from his suicide attempt. Beautiful reminder of the gospel.

Ahmed M (kr) wrote: It's not the greatest movie, but if you like animated movies, it's worth a watch.

Barry R (es) wrote: Can I say "masterpiece" without making you reach for a large sock full of manure? Okay, Masterpiece. Starting with the best story by a great storyteller. Taste, delicacy, subtlety. And my favorite movie of all time.