Five young individuals agree to live in an isolated lodge together and have their daily activities filmed. But soon the house is locked down and they each run into the murderous clutches of a faceless serial killer who may not be working alone.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:84 minutes
  • Release:1999
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:pain,   impalement,   axe,  

Night. Rain splatters the city. A young couple out for a drive take a shortcut through a deserted alley and makes a gruesome discovery: a girl, savagely slashed and battered, lies in a pool... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Cody M (au) wrote: Hilarious, loving send-up of the Star Wars saga total in gorgeous CGI Lego blocks that tells the tale of Yoda, fresh from school field trip with a group of Padawan younglings when he senses a plot to steal the Republic's Secret Battle Plans. As the increasingly exasperated Jedi master pursues the plans aided/hindered by a stowaway boy named "Ian," C3PO and R2D2 find themselves babysitting the younglings which somehow leads them all the way from Coruscant to the famous cantina on Tatooine. Non-stop in-jokes and some hilarious cameos dominate the charming little tale, though it is funnier if you are familiar with the source material. The Lego Star Wars brand is one of the most endearing crossovers ever, and hopefully more short films like this will be on the horizon. Awesome stuff!

Ty P (ca) wrote: Predictable plot, bad acting and poor production.

Patryk C (ru) wrote: A musical apocalypse sounds about right. This movie proves to be an excellently original attempt at showing the true spirit of the musical show gone wild. A story about anarchists running around town spreading fear and terror through good energetic vibes may appeal to almost everyone. While the direction lacks some verve, the technical level of the movie is really smashing.

Anthony D (it) wrote: Hilarious Movie, you dont even need to see the show to enjoy the movie.

John A (ag) wrote: This is the height of Bresson's style: deceptively economic, highlighting sound, inviting viewers to engage the mysteries of plot, and relying on absence as a means to understanding. This last element is seen most profoundly in the character of Balthazar who communicates as a character only as he is acted upon. Even most of those acts take place off camera. Bresson shows life as absence and ambiguity rather than presence and clarity, and yet, like Dostoevsky's Myshkin, our despair fades at the braying of an ass.

Perwin A (es) wrote: Mel Brooks is beyond hilarious in this screw ball comedy. There comes a point while you're watching when you just give up and stay on the floor, teary eyed, gasping for air, teeth hurting, and you can't imagine you can laugh any harder, but you will. Totally screwed up, totally funny.

Ceph J (es) wrote: An uncompromising character study of a young Greek Australian who's determined to live his life as a SOB. No one can relate to him except when he feels like it and neither will the audience while watching the bleak events. Alex Dimitriades deserves credit for making his character unlikeable despite his good looks. I can't say that I liked it but it was fascinating to watch. It's not strictly a gay movie since the theme is one of isolation. The scenes of the family dancing the Greek dance is the closest it comes to entertainment but even those scenes are tinged with sadness because you know Dimitriades is just filling out family obligations. I do respect the movie even if I don't rate it high.

Rob S (de) wrote: This film is highly entertaining due to hilarious bits, but the bits are central to how the film is structured - other than the main plot the film is just thrown together with random jokes or situations that create their own jokes.It opens on Billy as a spoiled brat who for some reason sees a giant penguin when drinking a lot, while alcohol is not a hallucinogen. The point is he is bat-s*** crazy, and the filmmakers need to illustrate Billy as such while making it funny somehow, hence the penguin.While Billy tries to prove himself to his father so he can run the family company, he progresses from grades 1 to 12, and his teachers determine if he passes or not in a matter of weeks. So it is predictable that a lot of the jokes surround Billy being an "idiot."Bits that have literally no significance to the film are added to make it funny. While the banana peel bit is a great set-up, it is resolved by happening to kill a family of a kid who bullies Billy ONCE in the high school sequence. Because why not. Then in third grade they decide to add a gay, "tubby" principal because homosexuality is funny and awkward.Though they are randomly thrown together, there are many bits that are quite hilarious. Steve Buscemi is great in a cameo as a once- angry-now-turned-homicidal guy that Billy used to pick on. Chris Farley is great as an awkward bus driver who objectifies the third grade teacher. One bit that seems hilarious but I found over-the- top is an overly long way of telling Billy he didn't connect literature to industry well at all. It would have been funnier if it was only a few sentences.It is a comedy worth watching for the entertainment of silly humor, but this is in no way a "good" film.

Amete G F (br) wrote: ma il pollicione di Uma...vedere, per credere. impatto con il lesbian worrld.

Da T (it) wrote: This film is the best dodgy horror you'll ever see! The acting is really really bad which makes it a classic!

Jakob B (au) wrote: Freaking hilarious werewolf trash film, but don't tell anyone.

Michael R (de) wrote: Not sure why I watched this, it's utterly stupid and overplayed, with exaggerated mannerisms that aren't funny nor comprehensible in dramatic terms. The material has no insight whatsoever, oh, war is hell, people are insane, playing war is insane, wanting to war is insane, wanting out of war is insane, the lame actors yell and flail around in an artsy fartsy movie dir. by Nichols, the first artsy fartsy version of artsy fartsy pt anderson. Pointless. I needed a movie to help me sleep though lol.

Yousef S (kr) wrote: Watched the film Queimada with Marlon Brando. The story of revolution and rebellion. The cast acted superbly esp. the character of Jose Dolores portrayed by Evaristo Mrquez. His role of leader of the rebellion against his Portugese oppressors and later governments has me eating out of his proverbial hands. The music I liked instantly before I knew it was composed by Ennio Morricone. It had the positive African Beats as always and proves to be a driving force for the film. I would recommend this film to anyone who studies or has an apt for political and social studies to watch this film objectively.

Gavin H (ru) wrote: Creepy found footage movie that makes you want to throw up loved it!

Amandeep S (fr) wrote: It's fucking funny man.

Henrik H (ca) wrote: Actually a rather fine piece of sci-fi / catastrophe cinema..

Bridget B (es) wrote: This movie could have been fantastic. Unfortunately, I think they really wanted to make a movie about Hitler and didn't have the balls, so they disguised it in this story about Max Rothman. And it didn't work. Noah Taylor as Hitler was excellent. The cinematography was excellent. But the impact fell short because it felt like it wanted to be one thing and tried to be another. And, I hate to say it, John Cusack should not have been in this movie. I love him, but it was distracting in this film. Not that his performance was any less than I would expect. However, I was too aware that I was watching John Cusack and it detracted from the experience.