Kom till Casino!

Kom till Casino!


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Kom till Casino! torrent reviews

Ryan P (de) wrote: Paid 99p for a nights rental of this film. So not even worth 99p! And not worthy of a single star.The acting is terrible, the violence and fight scenes are laughable. The soundtrack ruins any possible suspense and the cinematography doesn't compose the correct emotions.The best part of this movie was the credits.

Paula W (it) wrote: SO HILARIOUS AND WOW

Ashley C (jp) wrote: One of my Favorite Christmas movies! I love anything by Max Lucado!

Greg W (jp) wrote: good coming of age dram-com

Sebastian T (br) wrote: The most predictable and unimaginative movie I've seen in a long time. A waste of money and time. It is really a new level of awful. Cheesy and predictable as it can get.

Melanie S (ag) wrote: I watched this cause I was off work sick. It was o.k. A strange match in Roberts and Nolte, but strangely it worked (in a weird kind of way). Worth seeing, but I won't be rushing out to buy it on DVD to watch again.

Brett B (nl) wrote: Yawn. The duke at his worst. So sad.

Sonal B (jp) wrote: Superb movie ... must watch classic !

Jeff B (it) wrote: A marriage pulled apart by age and selfishness. Walter Huston is wonderful here as the low-key husband who's just willing to do anything for his wife, but engage in her love of creating drama. Mary Astor is beautiful and quite good again in this one.

Terry G (ru) wrote: I swear I've seen this before tonight, but not sure. Maybe it was just too shallow and predictable despite the creative story lines.

Lynda M (fr) wrote: Belita turned to the screen after her Olympic success as a skater / dancer who was a household name in the 40's and 50's. Sadly the films were poorly made and although she was quite famous at the time, her career dimmed and today she is now mostly forgotten.

Connor B (ag) wrote: A pretty weird film in a lot of areas, but that doesn't keep it from being a fun, involving, and nuanced sci-fi film that is one of Arnie's best films and one of the best sci-fi films ever. Period.

Bradley W (nl) wrote: One of my all time favorite Pixar shorts

Jonathan B (mx) wrote: Entertaining comedy that keeps you wanting for more the entire time. Can't wait to own on blue ray!