• Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2009
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:Konak 2009 full movies, Konak torrents movie

Six university students come to Safranbolu for an academic study, and hire a mansion. When the night comes down, the mansion locks down and the teens will have to face the consequences of a sad event happened a year ago. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Konak torrent reviews

Jose I (mx) wrote: Por dnde empezar?...Si alguna vez han visto alguna pelcula de Jodorowsky, ya sabrn que no son para el cinfilo casual, incluso ni para el cinfilo "experimentado". Jodorowsky suele llevarnos a los lugares ms extraos del psyche humano, y tanto a su mente obscura y retorcida, como a sus sueos coloridos e inocentes.No es fcil de digerir su estilo, pero en sta ocasin se nota infinitamente la madurez, tanto como persona, as como cineasta.Es un trabajo bastante digerible comparado con sus trabajos anteriores, sin embargo, es una exploracin profunda de su historia, y una especia de homenaje a sus padres, y a su pas.Pero no crean que Jodorowsky ha perdido su locura, al contrario, la ha hecho an ms extravagante, pero ahora, nos invita a disfrutarla!El desarrollo visual, la genialidad musical de Adanowsky, as como un desfile de personajes por dems nicos y formidables, nos envuelven como un embrujo del cual no podemos escapar, y nos hacen reflexionar sobre nuestra propia historia. Sobre todo cuando Alejandro aparece en pantalla para ser un gua de s mismo... para el final de la pelcula, no nos queda ms que aplaudir y disfrutar lo que tal vez, sea su ltima pelcula...Sin querer caer en controversias ni comparaciones, me result similar a "Big Fish" de Tim Burton, cada una en su estilo, apachurran el corazn del director y lo riegan por toda la pantalla para que recibamos un poco de esa Danza de La Realidad...

Samuel M (jp) wrote: This movie reminded me a lot of Rob Zombie's "House of 1000 Corpses", in that both are written by rock artists who have expanded their realm of creativity into film, with results that aren't terrific but aren't completely horrible either. There are a couple of key differences that make "Corpses" and its sequel "The Devil's Rejects" superior, however: Snider didn't direct his movie as Zombie did, chose to take a leading role (which the latter didn't, opting for a small cameo instead), and decided to make his Captain Howdy character so completely twisted that not even a shred of empathy can be felt for him. There is no humor or comic relief as there was in "House of 1000 Corpses", meaning the tone stays consistently dark throughout the movie, and one must be in a certain kind of mood to tolerate a viewing of it.The story is heavily reminiscent of other, better horror/thriller movies, except with a modern twist added through Internet chat rooms: 15-year-old Genevieve Gage and her best friend Tiana spend their spare time chatting with strangers through the ether until they are invited one night to the home of one "Captain Howdy", supposedly another student, for a party. Now, any rational person knows that a real-life meeting with someone you met in an online chat room isn't usually a good idea, and the daughter of a cop should know this even more so, but this isn't reality; this is the realm of horror movies where people make terrible decisions for apparently no reason. Anyways, the girls are soon reported missing when (surprise, surprise) they don't come home, and Ginny's detective father Mike begins searching for her with help from a younger partner, Steve Christian, and eventually his niece Angela. A pretty strong lead turns up quickly: Tiana's car, with the heavily tortured body of its owner in the trunk, is fished out of a lake, putting the cops on the trail of Howdy through the underground world of body modification. From there, the film devolves into typical horror movie fare: crazed murderer/torturer is caught, released due to insanity, nearly killed in a failed lynching, and then it's right back to his old tricks, just with new victims--except for poor Genevieve.Much of this movie falls victim to its poor acting. The only semi-memorable performances are those of Dee Snider and Kevin Gage as the psychotic masochist and the stereotypical dogged cop pursuing him in hopes of rescuing his daughter from the former's clutches. Aside from Snider himself, there's practically no star power in this movie (aside from a small role for the king of modern horror himself, Robert Englund), which ordinarily would seem like a good decision to give the audience a better sense of identification with them, but here it means unbelievable characters and poor, choppy acting. The standout is Snider; he drifts in-between unrepentant, violent psychopath and quiet, passive bookworm with ease, and his performance is completely let down by the movie. The violence, like that depicted in "Natural Born Killers", is not nearly as bad as it's made out to be, and much of the horror comes from the audience's imagination of the depth of Captain Howdy's true sickness, as well as the torture inflicted upon the teens he keeps in captivity. Not a lot of the actual torture is shown, and it is rather the thought of it, and the looks of certain devices when Mike locates Howdy's watering hole, that generates the true dread. The image of the lips of his victims stitched shut, whether from the DVD cover I saw by chance as a young child or in the movie when I finally watched it years later is one I will never forget.In short, this movie will please and entertain hardcore horror fans and torture porn enthusiasts, but anyone else should steer clear. This is a truly disturbing movie that will leave some scars if one isn't mentally prepared for it. 2.5/5

Markkyle R (gb) wrote: I love this Godzilla 90s film

Alexander C (us) wrote: Looks interesting will try to find and watch!

David P (jp) wrote: really, really,really,really unfunny

John A (ca) wrote: One of my favourite films. The story is not that special but Teri Garr is lovely, the mood is romantic, the set designs are beautifully crafted, the theatrical feel is so wonderfully cinematic (if that makes sense), and the lurid colours just fantastic. Best of all is the music and singing from Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle which is so very very good. It's a pity it is not available on Blu-Ray (yet)!

Mark D (it) wrote: I fairly enjoyed this one, didnt even realise its the 4th sequel as its not too bad to say its so far down the pecking order. Follows on with the character of Frankenstein played by the superb Cushing and focuses on his reanimation of the human brain. No scary monster in this, but a solid flick none the less.

emerson 1 (ca) wrote: What appeared to be, on the paper, a great pre-70s psychedelic forgotten nugget, unfortunately failed to match the expectations I had. I'm really fond of the trial scenes with the animal headed juries but there's perhaps a little too much of this useless Scooby-doo like investigation thing...

Andrew M (mx) wrote: West Side Story, a film adaptation of the stage play of the same name, takes the familiar story Shakespeare's romantic tragedy Romeo and Juliet and adds some twists to make it fresh and unique: following rival gangs in 1950s New York City, the film adds an ethnic twist to complement the traditional tale of star-crossed lovers and the tragedy that ensues.So much of the film's charm comes from the impressively crafted musical numbers. Of course the highly stylized dance numbers and songs clash with the idea of gang warfare, but there's something about the way it's handled here that has an undeniable amount of charm in its campiness. The dance numbers themselves have such an immense scale to them, and are beautifully choreographed by co-director Jerome Robbins. Each set feels like a real location hidden somewhere in the alleyways of New York, and the camerawork is slick and stylish in capturing every number and every scene: all in all, it's just a technically marvelous movie, and certainly deserving of the many technical Oscars it won.Where it falters is in the narrative. The romance aspect of the story, following Tony (Richard Beymer) and Maria (Natalie Wood), is handled nicely and the two leads share nice chemistry, and the gang warfare side of the movie is handled well and ultimately ends up strengthening the romance plot: the problem is that, like many plays, it starts to drag in the second act. Both subplots come to a halt and crawl their way through story development that could easily be covered in half as much time, and with the film running two and a half hours long, this pacing can sometimes become kind of boring. This is a mostly minor problem though, because a film as charming as this is simply too absorbing to be brought down too heavily by a pacing issue. It's a classic for a reason, one that even those who aren't fans of musicals or Shakespeare can enjoy.