König Drosselbart

König Drosselbart

Arrogant spoiled princess Isabella of Gerania haughtily rejects all suitors, even prince Richard of Begonia, whom she liked in a previous anonymous meeting. Finally her exasperated royal ...

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:59 minutes
  • Release:2008
  • Language:German
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:dancing,   party,   dinner,  

Arrogant spoiled princess Isabella of Gerania haughtily rejects all suitors, even prince Richard of Begonia, whom she liked in a previous anonymous meeting. Finally her exasperated royal ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Stig H (jp) wrote: A norwegian Fargo-inspired story

Juan B (us) wrote: A slow build up to the major conflicts and I felt that things happened too quickly at the very start (perhaps the film makers had to cram a lot from the book into a few minutes of the film). Once the major conflicts and the characters REALLY started to reveal themselves, the movie got better. A better second half than first so sit through the whole thing and don't give up on it. I have the book so I need to read it to see how different or better/worse it is.

Don S (mx) wrote: Very moving movie about two boys an their alcoholic father. Great supporting characters and filmed in beautiful West Marin County. Nicely done!

Bryan K (mx) wrote: Very funny comedy with an interesting cast. Rent it!!

Stephanie H (jp) wrote: i love this movie. everyone should watch it.

David M (nl) wrote: One of those films I forget I really enjoy until I see it again on TV. At the time when it came out it did seem a bit try-hard, but as the years tick by you can't help but see it's both genuinely & undeniably funny - especially compared to a lot of shit Hollywood pumps out year after year. And although this is a piss-take mocumentary it does showcase many serious themes which are still being dealt with today.

simon S (de) wrote: I love chucky but this one could have been a lot better the story was lacking

Dave S (mx) wrote: A very young Emma Samms is totally scrumptious in her brief appearances as a beautiful Arabian Princess.

jay n (us) wrote: Very enjoyable mystery with Garner terrific in the lead, The film definitely has shades of Jim Rockford looking back at it now.

Greg C (jp) wrote: What happens in Corisca stays in Corsica,.. or maybe not. Boy from good family leading an uninspired cubicle rat existence goes on vacation and meets a girl. They spend 7 days together in a romance of agreeable mutual lies. Back to reality. Girl is love sick and seeks out boy, etc. Honestly I had one of those rare movie theater experiences. I was alone in the place (no surprise). It occurred to me that this is a great film. It was toned down in the number of forced dance numbers from the current Bollywood standard. That foreign sensibility (over 2.5 hours) leaves time to really explore the message, feelings, and drama. There is deeply felt core message from the writer/director about finding one's true self or calling. And of course the whole was riotously stylish, colorful, and really beautiful. It does have one of the longest opening sequences of recent memory. The devices of a stage play (which becomes a necessity at the end of the movie), and a young boy taken with oral stories from and old village story teller can be at first confusing. Ultimately they are great devices for making the story bigger. Things which at first appear to be a hot mess likely weirdly juxtaposed musical montages, turn out to be brilliant choices. Director Imtiaz Ali's grasp is on par with and may even exceed his lofty aim. (friggin awesome!)

Cain L (au) wrote: Fun and campy martial arts film with Kurt Russell with his best John Wayne performance.

Jesse R (ag) wrote: Another good movie featuring the one and only Boris Karloff. The glowing green like meteorite in this movie looks like Kryptonite. By the end of this movie, you'll know the characters names, because they're repeated a hundred times.

Tyler R (br) wrote: It was ok. I enjoyed it. The plot was a bit absurd and campy but it was pretty predictable. The cast was good and had good chemistry. Wasn't really a horror movie.

Stephen B (ca) wrote: Very good road movie that reminds me of easy rider, enjoyable storyline and Jason Momoa does great work in this role of a son on the run for killing his mother's killer!