Konsten att vara människa

Konsten att vara människa


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Damian H (de) wrote: This movie is complete and utter trash. I wonder if the producer or screen writers even have communication with people.

Brandon J (ru) wrote: The most Homo Erotic movie ever. I have a thing for historical bloody action movies. This was badass in so many levels. I have total respect for Gerald Butler, and the abs he had in this movie.

Stuart K (br) wrote: Based upon The Who's 1973 album of the same name, this isn't a musical like Tommy (1975) was, it's something quite different. It uses the story told throughout the album to make a youth film, and a very good one at that. It's littered with lots of familiar faces and it uses songs from the Quadrophenia album, and other by the The Who and other artists to tell the story, it's a great timepiece too. Set in 1964, it tells the story of Jimmy Cooper (Phil Daniels), a mod who works in as a post room boy in an advertising firm. His parents (Michael Elphick and Kate Williams) don't understand what he's rebelling against, and they don't like him staying out all hours with his friends Dave (Mark Wingett), Chalky (Philip Davis) and Spider (Gary Shail). One Bank Holiday, Jimmy and his Mod friends clash with Rockers down in Brighton, which ends up in a massive riot, which ends up with Jimmy in jail, and it leaves him severely depressed as well. Then, his parents kick him out, he quits his job in disgust, and heads back to Brighton to recapture the spirit of that weekend. It's a very simple story, but even though it was done on a very low budget, it makes for a good film with a who's who of British film and TV of that time. Director Franc Roddam (who later came up with the ideas for Auf Wiedersehen, Pet and Masterchef), captures the spirit of Cool Britannia at that time, with the anthems of The Who, like The Kid's Are Alright and Anyway, Anyhow, Anywhere made it seem like the youth then could do anything.

Scott D (de) wrote: The most faithfully adapted film I've ever seen. Shot-for-shot every scene is exactly as it's described in the novel, except that they had to cut the entire third act altogether to make it film length. That's understandable when adapting a book that's nearly 600 pages long, but the total lack of an ending is a major setback.

Bad B (ca) wrote: This is an old film but my hubby raved about it so much that i bought it for him and watched it. The plot is tense and not to obvious and sets up a nice collection of suspects that might have you guessing til the end. I really enjoyed this

Nikolas G (ca) wrote: : Claude Chabrol this big sarcastic creator in a big film

Greg W (it) wrote: its all about past lives regression i think thats what it's called nowadays

Daniel P (jp) wrote: Leonardo DiCaprio has never been awarded an Oscar... but somehow, this disaster won nine of them. What a vapid, pointless movie. The plot is "this young girl had best grow into the social graces of womanhood so that a rich, unattainable man will want to marry her." Then she does. The acting is hammy, even for a musical, and these bourgeois blowhards don't seem to work at anything. Paris and the French are stereotyped beyond belief, and if not for the occasionally witty lyrics - which the film can hardly be credited for, as this was adapted from the stage - there is nothing redeeming about this relic. It was a different time, sure, but this film beat out Cat on a Hot Tin Roof and the much more provocative and entertaining The Defiant Ones... plus, Spencer Tracy starred in The Old Man and the Sea... which wasn't even nominated! I know, I know; greatness is not defined by the Academy Awards. But the idea that this film gets to stand beside The Deer Hunter, The Best Years of Our Lives, One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest, Casablanca, Unforgiven, Kramer vs. Kramer, (or even Forrest Gump or Rocky!), absolutely turns my stomach. I was hoping this was a satire and that I was the only one not in the joke... but even if it was intended to be, no one would get that from it. For women, it implies, your worth is determined by whether you can properly pour coffee, or pick out a good cigar for a man, or know which jewels are the really good ones (so you can criticize the gifts you or other women get... from men, naturally). I'm pretty sure this film is the entire reason the Bechdel test came into existence. Simply atrocious... and two. full. hours. It's time you'll never get back. Worst. Best. Picture. Ever. Hands down.

David S (fr) wrote: Decent melodrama that suffers from being too long and more overwrought than befits the material from time to time. The performances are decent across the board, with Sheridan and Reagan giving the best two.

Keanna C (br) wrote: Meryl is good as always. Bryan is cute as always.Uma is...well Uma. But as for the movie itself...Don't waste your time. Good until the middle where is all just falls apart. Realistic ending that is stupid and anticlimatic. Halfway through it just seemed to drag on.

Paul D (mx) wrote: This movie classifies itself as a comedy, but there are very few laughs to be had. Most of the jokes are cringe-worthy. Also the "Ugly Fat Friend" is too hot for the role she has. I am tired of fake ugly people in movies. This movie pretty much highlights everything that is wrong with Hollywood today. This was a huge disappointment

Bill C (de) wrote: Excellent story told at a slow meditative pace. Wonderful performance by Peter Fonda.