A romantic drama which tells the story of a 20 year relationship between Hari and Aarti - a deaf-mute couple who try to live their lives to the fullest despite their handicaps.

Romantic drama spaning nearly 20 years involving a deaf-mute couple, Haricharian and Aarti. Deaf and dumb bicycle messenger Haricharian meets equally deaf Aarti, and persuades her to go to ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Koshish torrent reviews

Dave J (kr) wrote: The children are wonderful natural actors and led by Rosendahl's great performance. While the basic idea is not new, the whole movie is a great visual experience. Does the ending justify the journey. Maybe...maybe not. I wanted more.

Weili W (mx) wrote: Funny and touching. Good movie

Chuck K (us) wrote: This had a real black comedy Pushing Daises vibe. Cleverly written, well made.

Joanof A (fr) wrote: A group of American soldiers travel to Romania Doiaru clearly doesn?t like Americans, especially given that he says, ?Fuck Bill Clinton!?, and doesn?t treat Captain Jones with respect.this film was mostly intriguing and intelligent. have a powerful political message.a movie with a great script, very well played, fascinating situations.

jesus h (jp) wrote: It was an average drama

Jayden (mx) wrote: not another one of those boring japanese movies

Tony G (kr) wrote: Slap-happy, fun, riotous - one of Almodovar's best stings with enjoyment.

Brbara C (ca) wrote: la primera escena es lo mejor del universo, la etapa feliz se hace un poco larga pero luego remonta. Genial ella.

Gavin E (ca) wrote: Lots of action+some comedy+ no bad language or bad things in it=Great Family Film