Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella

Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella

The science fiction film "Kosmicheskii Reis" was first shown in Soviet theaters in January 1936. Soviet cinematographers created a progressively realistic image of a journey to the moon in ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kosmicheskiy reys: Fantasticheskaya novella torrent reviews

kan T (it) wrote: olmaz boyle bisey ya...3.sinif bile degil..komik derecede sacma..dunyayi kurtaran adamin ne gunahi var o zaman..ismiyle ilgi cekmeye calismis sadece...

Alessandro V (ru) wrote: The original story would be interesting and the acting of the two main characters is very good but... the director ruined everything by making this a pornographic movie, a real act of voyeurism from the first minute to the last, making it very uncomfortable to watch because, dear director, not everybody is a dirty voyeur like you! I feel very sorry and embarrassed for the two actresses that had to go through the filming of this movie. But you, director, certainly had a lot of fun watching them... such a shame...

Raphael A (it) wrote: Marcelo Adnet fazendo um paulista ficou demais!

will o (fr) wrote: I think this movie could be a lot better if it was better directed but interesting plot btw but some of the casts are a bit weird.

Mark N (au) wrote: An amusingly off kilter tale of a monster and the reporter who goes after it's story. A wonderfully oblique tale with turns you can't predict and a probably like nothing you've watched before. Mainstream audiences will be bored with the minimal effects and character driven story but for those of us that enjoy counterculture works they will see an entertaining if light film from an inventive creator.

Clara W (ru) wrote: starting with a joylly tune chiya chiya and ended in a completely out of expected tradegy.

Trent J (it) wrote: Solid political satire that breezes by on the charm of its fevered storytelling. Great McGinty appears to fall somewhere in between the Capra idealism of Mr. Smith Goes To Washington and the 1970s pessimism of The Candidate; a tricky balancing act, indeed. A level of leniency is needed to swallow McGinty's political progression, but sharp power struggles and a compelling, multi-layered lead make for a good picture.

Paul B (br) wrote: Think Dangerous Liaisons without any of the intelligent scripting, fine performances, sharp wit, or any general purpose, because that's exactly what Cruel Intentions is.

Kelly K (it) wrote: This film was hilarious and probably a pretty realistic view of what pregnancy or adoption is like for any number of different women. It also shows how the other half of the equation. the men, feel as well. Like most comedies, it was poorly done, but overall I got a few good laughs so it was worth it.