Too much happens too many times in this potentially brilliant parable.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:122 minutes
  • Release:2010
  • Language:Turkish
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:one word title,  

A strange man with otherworldly talents becomes both a friend and a pariah in a small Turkish town in this drama from writer and director Reha Erdem. Yahya is nearly in a panic when his ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Mlissa A (ru) wrote: Desole Dolan, a ne m'a pas impressionne. Il n'y a rien de grande valeur dans ce film. L'histoire est bof. Fait cocasse : l'acteur qui fait le frere ressemble etrangement a Jean Auroldi !

Pavan R (ca) wrote: Fairly good Hindi movie...much better than expected...fairly ok story...good time pass... Kisser boy isn't a bad actor after all...Good songs too

Owais H (ag) wrote: an underrated movie which had the likes and potential to win oscar for india, brilliantly dirrected, both actresses are a revelation and character sketches are brilliant...a define worthy of 5 stars

dan b (mx) wrote: Not bad considering the plot was borrowed directly from the Elvis movie "Girl Happy". I was worried it was going to be a 90 minute tampon commercial but that turned out to be mostly unfounded. The talented Parker Posey really pulls together what could have been a big mess.

Sean C (it) wrote: This is a Sherlock Holmes film for those who are not wholly happy with Doyle's great creation. The film is buttressed by a stark atmosphere, which contrasts with Holmes and Watson, depicted here as close friends. Watson is particularly strong in this one; he is actually useful. The film shows many of the tropes of the 1970s films: a dark ending, with no one wholly satisfied, and Holmes having made one great tragic error. Yet, the political cynicism of the film left me cold, but I live in an age when politics is once again an earnest business and sides are chosen as if Armageddon was knocking at the door.

Camille L (ca) wrote: The Man Who Knew Too Much est un bon film, une claire progression dans la filmographie dj plthorique d'Alfred Hitchcock (seizime film en 9 ans). C'est un thriller avec quelques squences de bravoure comme la fusillade finale qui dure prs de 7 minutes, qui rappelle un peu la deuxime partie de Numro 17. Malheureusement, malgr ses 75 minutes, The Man Who Knew Too Much ne parvient pourtant tre totalement passionnant et part Peter Lorre, seule l'apparition extrmement classe de Pierre Fresnay relve le niveau du jeu d'acteur, loin d'tre satisfaisant. L'intrigue est un peu trop simpliste et les dialogues parfois trop ampouls. C'est peut-tre pour cela qu'Hitchcock le refit quelques annes plus tard.

SagaciousFrank (jp) wrote: Average action-comedy-heist-thriller-mystery-not-sure-what-it-wants-to-be flick with a disjointed nonsensical story, saved only but some sharp screenplay and solid performances by Denzel Washington, Mark Wharlberg, and Bill Paxton.

Federico F (mx) wrote: Good splatter films, with the compliments of the technique of Mr. Rodriguez, capacitated in horror mistare and riotous action in an ancient context: that of the vampires. Unfortunately not very happy with the interpretation of the actors apart from the great Harvey Keitel

MF J (br) wrote: A funny Disney full of great characters and good old baddies.

Vadim D (nl) wrote: This 60s fluff is nothing but pretty costumes, good set design, and charm provided courtesy of Audrey Hepburn. It may be enough for some, but the film is dull and has witty moments to make this a guilty pleasure

David G (au) wrote: Okay, it's kind of bad. But it's Saxons vs Normans! Don't see many of those movies, so it's a beggars can't be choosers situation. Entertained me a bit for 90 mins. Good looking leading man helps.