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Kostervalsen torrent reviews

Briana H (kr) wrote: I can always sit through any movie with Jamie Lee Curtis in it.

Wes S (gb) wrote: It's a bit slow and disappointing. There isn't a whole lot going on, and even the characters aren't that interesting. There are several familiar faces though. Very few thrills.

Noah B (br) wrote: "Maybe better than the last installment, but still a lackluster."

David G (de) wrote: Simply, the worst movie I've EVER seen and I think that it's also the worst I'll ever see. I'm giving it half a star because it ends quickly (which happens to be the only good thing in the movie).

Patience B (ca) wrote: awesome... Samuel L J is the man..

Private U (au) wrote: can't stop laughing, even when it is showing on TV again and again

Frankie T (es) wrote: A board game based movie done right.

Lee M (de) wrote: Though Cary Grant manages to get the most he can from the role, it's not quite enough to cover up the film's rather empty amusement.

Rob L (ag) wrote: Not one of Chaney's best, but still good.

Henrik B (nl) wrote: Totally random and awesome movie. The practical effects is just awesome and funny. The humor is trash hilarious! Watch it if you like:Bad Taste, Braindead