A big family reunion at the weekend cottage around traditional food preparation "kotlovina" (pig on a spit and lots of drinking) with quaintly amusing and earnest situations revealing what is stronger: ties of blood and background or culture and the way of living.

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John Eric D (ru) wrote: Finally I was waiting for a DVD release for this one and it didn't disappoint me. I am not really a fan of body building competitions or the body builder themselves. Though it made me realize how dedicated these people are. It's the work ethic and the talent and the hard work, it really pays off and really hats off to them. Very well made thinking this will inspire even ordinary people not just body building but their goal to reach out. 4 out of 5

Jacob M (mx) wrote: 46/100 a pretty good porn film

Steven W (ag) wrote: Badass babe gets revenge story. What more could I ask for?

Shayne J (mx) wrote: Amateurishly made and poorly written, Play the Game puts lovable Andy Griffith in an awkward and somewhat raunchy role that is totally out of his element.

Anthony M (nl) wrote: One of the best horror movies I've ever seen. Really grabbed me.

Alexander C (kr) wrote: Could be worth a viewing, would like to see it sometime in the future.

Tait W (kr) wrote: I love the original Battle Royale movie... but this was just terrible. It has one of the worst plots and is just SO boring! I managed to get through the whole movie, but I regret ever watching it because it damaged a little bit of the first one for me just because of the fact that they share the same name.

Rachel H (fr) wrote: Should have turned it off but I kept waiting for something to happen... horrible movie.

Loren R (kr) wrote: Der Film wre an und fr sich gar nicht schlecht geworden. Aber man hat es vllig unrealistisch und belanglos umgesetzt. Die Action ist nicht schlecht aber das Drehbuch ist eine vllige Pleite! Auch die Dialoge sind keine Sonnenstrahlen! Die Besetzung ist gut, mhen sich aber lustlos ab. Am besten gefllt mir Willem Dafoe, der die Heldin Sandra Bullock an die Wand spielt. Unterhaltsam aber unntig!

Denise G (es) wrote: This is such a sad movie. It's really really good.

Riff J (kr) wrote: Sorry, I found this to be boring and over-done. Admittedly it's intentions/goals are grande, but the final product isn't.

Bruce B (it) wrote: That's just what this movie was, a Scream. Its a pretty cool movie that's for sure, I was very surprised that this movie has been out this long and I have never seen it. Blacula is a African Vampire, guess there kind of different because when they hunger blood they turn into kind of wolf man look guy, but the other vampires look a little more like zombies. Anyway this movie is loaded with stars from the 1970 time frame. Its a fun movie, clean and you will enjoy the 70'ties cloths and backgrounds. No less then a 4 on this one, as far as the fright meter I wouldn't go above 2 as its more funny then scary. Enjoy, oh and its going in my collection.

Dylan S (es) wrote: A Philosophical Treatise on How You're Living A Lie As John Locke once said, "The only fence against the world is a thorough knowledge of it." I am here to provide you with another post in your fence. Up to this point your whole life has been a lie. Mull over that a little bit. Up until you decided to read this work you were completely unaware that everything you had done until now had been fake and a perfidy. You are now free, and I feel not the least embarrassed to say "You're Welcome!" And no, this is not some Fight Club-esque bullshit this is the real, unadulterated truth, the kind that can be mainlined and lived off of for the rest of your life. You see, it all started when I watched Tom Tykwer's seminal 1998 film Run Lola Run for the second time. I had watched it back in my uneducated darkness days when I was still a sheeple muddling through my undergrad days in a daze of frankly embarrassing unintellectual sump. I was so drowned in this troglodytic much that I was blind to the truth that was presented to me. I can only strive to make sure that this does not happen to anyone else. The second time I viewed Run Lola Run, or should I say The Truth Incarnate, I had cleared enough of the blinding pseudo-reality from my eyes to allow my now enlightened self to be enwrapped by its chrysalis and emerge a full formed Monarch butterfly king, of all it sees and understanding of its reality. I had become aware of the one guiding truth that exists in this universe, Franka Potente's is playing the same character in this as she is in The Bourne Identity. It is only once you realize this for yourself, can you realize exactly what has been holding you back your entire life. It cannot be explained for you must realize it yourself. Needless to say your life will have forever been changed and renewed. Please only respond to me once you have seen the light.