Kotwal Saab

Kotwal Saab

Bharat Prasad Sharma lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his brother in a small town in India. His brother falls in love with Saraswati and both get intimate. Then Saraswati gets ...

Bharat Prasad Sharma lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his brother in a small town in India. His brother falls in love with Saraswati and both get intimate. Then Saraswati gets ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Tim S (us) wrote: After much anticipation and nearly two years of waiting by fans since it was first announced, 1428 films and the crew behind Never Sleep Again: The Elm Street Legacy have delivered unto us Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th, the horror documentary to end all horror documentaries. First things first though. This documentary dwarfs the Never Sleep Again documentary's running time, being almost twice as long (seven hours). It covers all ten of the original films in the Friday the 13th franchise, plus the reboot, the TV series and Freddy VS. Jason. That's a hell of a lot of content to try and compress and stick to a narrative, but they've done a wonderful job with that. They also managed to create some original content to go with it as well, including chapter titles based on each of the original film's title cards. There's also a great wrap-around segment with Corey Feldman talking about Jason to some camp counselors who meet their grisly demise by the end. Following it all up with some of the actors from the films reciting their lines to camera is just icing on the cake. To say the least, it's the best seven hours I've spent watching TV in a very long time. What this all boils down to is that this documentary is worth every bit of waiting by fans. This is THE finest hour (seven hours) for horror fans the world over. And both thanks and admiration are in order for Peter M. Bracke's book for the being the foundation for it all. Both compliment each other well and are well worth your time.

Adam N (it) wrote: Might be interesting!

Allan C (ca) wrote: Writer/Director Justin McConnell made a pretty respectable post apocalyptic film on a budget of $40,000 dollars. Usually I think of movies like "Right at Your Door" or "Carriers" as low budget, but $40,000 more of an "El Mariachi" type of miracle that such a quality film was made with so little. The story here is actually pretty similar to the Ray Milland directed nuclear war scenario film "Panic in Year Zero!" where he an his family flee into the mountains to escape nuclear fallout. In this film, a family flees into the mountains from an unspecified apocalyptic scenario. Like the Milland film, the main antagonist isn't zombies or leather clad bikers, but rather other people pushed to extremes. Without spoiling too much, I'll say the film has some good unexpected surprised that break from formula and leave the audience with a sense that no one is safe and anything can happen in this world. Not for all tastes and the film is certainly a low budget affair, which will put off some, but it's still quite a riveting film.

Will W (es) wrote: I love Nick Cheung but this one was really nothing compared to his other work... Kwai Lun Mei and Nicholas Tse were was pretty good though... but nothing award worthy really.

Daniel P (fr) wrote: The star is for Christopher Walken, who really commits to this turdburger of a movie and makes Al Pacino look just as washed-up as I've long refused to admit he is. Skip this one, blecch.

Corby T (es) wrote: i gave this movie a whole 2 stars because it was better than i expected.

Oliver H (ru) wrote: ...tense and suspenseful thriller with lots of action, funny lines, things blowing up and women! :-)

Jussi M (ru) wrote: Miten tulikin mieleen Dressed to kill ja Body Double tt katsoessa. Kkk. Siis oheiset edell mainitut toki loistavia leffoja. Tm vain oli tuhnu.