Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep

Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep

Thirty years ago, Ray Reiter witnessed the brutal death of his parents at sea by a strange, octopus-like creature. Now determined to exact revenge, he joins archaeologist Nicole on a perilous high-seas expedition to find a legendary Greek Opal - said to be guarded by the very beast that murdered his family. As they come face to face with the killer Kraken, they must also battle a ruthless crime lord, who will stop at nothing to seize the coveted treasure for himself.

  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:88 minutes
  • Release:2006
  • Language:English
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:explosion,   ocean,   pirate,  

Thirty years ago, Ray Reiter witnessed the brutal death of his parents at sea by a strange, octopus-like creature. Now determined to exact revenge, he joins archaeologist Nicole on a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kraken: Tentacles of the Deep torrent reviews

Serge L (ca) wrote: This film was a real adventure of discovery. No flashy romances, no bombings, just something really close to reality. Like a walk in unknown woods. A curve here reveals a rock, a crevasse, a brook, a bear... I found the whole very pleasant, touching at times, hurtful. I was interested at what could be revealed and the pace was very pleasant. The filming was very quick relatively and reminds us the method of Clint Eastwood. All the characters were well rendered. I loved that they were all doing the best they could, where prejudices were few and understanding was their goal. The dvd extras were delightful as well. A native story well rendered that is not about cruelty, bashing or anything too despicable to hate one group or another, just the contrary.

John M (jp) wrote: Gobble gobble... This is about a group of college kids, getting together during Thanksgiving break and being tracked down by a psychotic killer turkey from hell. So taking a break from all of the regularly scheduled Oscar programming, a group of friends and myself decided to kick back, have a couple of cold ones and watch ThanksKilling. I want you to take a moment here and look at the cover for this. It says that it stars "Turkie", prepares you for the ultimate low-budget experience and promises you boobs within the first second. Upon watching this, I'll say that this is true to its word, and delivers on everything that it pledges to do. While this is surefooted in its schlockiness, I will say that if you watch this in the proper environment, you're going to have a good time. This was made in 2009, a time where irony, self-awareness and meta are things you routinely see in movies, and the characters featured here are all playing raging stereotypes: there's the cool guy, the redneck, the slut, the virgin and nerd, and this is three years before the Cabin in the Woods. It never makes logical sense why these characters are hanging out with each other, because the friend groups that these five characters would run in shouldn't intersect on any Venn diagram, but I suppose when your movie stars a talking, killing turkey puppet that can successfully imitate a human being, that's the least of your concerns. To my knowledge, there are only three limited choices for Thanksgiving themed horror: the short that is advertised in the middle of Grindhouse, this, and its sequel. I will give ThanksKilling this: it commits to its premise. It goes full retard and is gleefully intentional in every exaggerated decision it makes. It pushes the envelope in a number of places so brazenly, that this is the first movie in a long time to succeed with shock humor for me; I just so wasn't expecting this to go to a lot of the places it dares to breach, and if you're easily offended, this probably isn't for you. I mean really, it's a turkey that violently murders people in an assortment of different styles, and if you're can't wrap your brain around that, you might as well not even take the time. If this was longer, it may wear out its welcome, but at 70 minutes, it keeps its edge and remains entertaining. This is the kind of movie that will make a JonBenet Ramsey joke three times and not even think to bat an eye. It's over-the-top for the sake of being over-the-top, and I would be lying if I said that I didn't have a great, raucous time.

Anita P (us) wrote: Lijepi rasplesani filmic. Za ugodno popodne.

Theresa J (gb) wrote: Excently done documentary on how Wal-Mart treats employees and their sneaky practices. I always thought they were evil, now I am pretty sure that I am right.

cli o (us) wrote: eh. . . no thanks it sounds way too confusing

lachlan k (br) wrote: The idea of a cynical loner gradually warming and becoming best friends with, a comic relief character in a journey of self discovery is very similar to shrek so in that respect ice age is nothing new but it's other details that make ice age stand out. The film goes into much darker territories than films in the pixar and dreamworks cannon by exploring death not in a weepy way but as a tool for revenge something that has been previously been unexplored to this level and as well as this there were incredible moments of poignancy such as the beutifully crafted cave scene which will make even pixar worry. Say what you like about the sequels (I'll probably agree) but this is a beutifully and often underated animated classic in it's own right.

John C (es) wrote: A very powerful and beautifully acted film.

Alan H (ru) wrote: The underlying message of this movie is sort of appalling and Jack Lemmon said that he hated this movie. Sadly, there are a lot of good comic actors in this film - but they should have been in a different project together. Lemmon's character doesn't kill his wife, she dissapears. But he's brought to trial for it, even though there's no body. He gets a jury of men to let him off by convincing them that most married men have been maniplated into domestication with a loss of power and secretly long for the life of a bachelor. Later we find that Lemmon's character doesn't mean any of this. He misses his wife, who returns to him. Still, he gets the Eddie Mayehoff character to admit to the courtroom that he would consider "blotting" his difficult wife (Claire Trevor) out of existence if no one found out. When she's pulled out of the courtroom, she sheepishly asks her husband what time he'll be home for dinner. But I would think his rather public statement would end the relationship. And what precedent would that court case leave? Yeah, it's only a movie, but a better dark comedy would have said something insightful about relationships, domestic vs. single life, or power struggles - after all, the screenwriter - George Axelrod - wrote Breakfast at Tiffany's (as well as the Manchurian Candidate). If there was a movie called How to Murder Your Husband, I'd think - "Well, that's an angry film." I first saw this in 1984 in Israel. It was being broadcast on the Arabic channel in English with Arabic subtitles. What I remember most was Neal Hefti's music (who passed away in 2008), who would later write the score for The Odd Couple and the Batman TV show - but the score gives this contributes to the quirky tone that makes the story look more innocent than it is. Virni Lisi plays her own mother at the end. See "The Apartment" for a better Jack Lemmon film.

Sherri L (de) wrote: I like these old black & whites. I'd like to see this one.

Evan M (nl) wrote: Incredibly underrated, Bolt has plenty of lovable characters that engross and engage the audience, shown with its nostalgic, stylistic animation style. John Travolta is able to masterfully create depth in his character along with the movie as a whole with his expertly delivered vocal performance, matched perfectly with Bolt's extremely expressive facial animation. Beginning with jokes to captivate the audience with the characters before becoming sweetly sentimental and touching, Bolt is a movie that should not be missed.

Salah A (es) wrote: "Meet the Robinsons" is not as memorable as it's trying to be, but the overall story is both charming and clever.