Krampus: The Devil Returns

Krampus: The Devil Returns

Five years after the murder of his wife and disappearance of his daughter, former police officer Jeremy Duffin is brought back to help in the hunt for a yuletide monster that punishes children that have been "naughty." As the monster becomes more erratic and unpredictable, Jeremy learns the truth about the disappearance of his daughter and the fate that has been bestowed upon him by an unlikely source. Can Jeremy finally end the nightmare Christmas monster that has terrorized this town for years?

Five years after the murder of his wife and kidnapping of his daughter, former police officer Jeremy Duffin is enlisted to find a Christmas monster that has terrorized a town and learn the truth about the disappearance of his daughter. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Krampus: The Devil Returns torrent reviews

Ninjaw P (ca) wrote: Encore un film gay pour Xavier dans un thme trs inattendu mais trs fort.

Tyler C (ag) wrote: Yes acting is bad but the message is strong! A lot of truth to this film, if you can't see it then open your eyes!

Yan Z (nl) wrote: The first 30 min was fragmental, felt impossible to soak in, the it suddenly got better and better, when credits shown I felt lost.

Alexander C (gb) wrote: Whos the dog? leading lady or leading man?

Andrew B (ru) wrote: Have spent my life around people that take the holy trilogy this seriously.Yes it's not perfect but a fun ride nonetheless

John G (br) wrote: Had an interesting bit of Total Recall in it but it seemed a little long sometimes. If you've ever wanted to see Jean Reno in a Hawaiian shirt, now's your chance . . .

Justin R (ag) wrote: Low-key slice-of-life that has its iffy moments (the numbing editing of early sequences -- which emphasize the tangle of words the sheriff says to his deputies and later to a news crew by jumbling and repeating the phrases -- frustrates the viewer more than it illuminates) but eventually settles into a compelling little portrait.

Zarah S (us) wrote: ba seeing diz movie i really start likin ARMY

Melissa W (au) wrote: Not quite. Things don't come together so well. Wide Awake (with Joseph Cross) is a much better movie on the same topic.

Paul G (br) wrote: It's stupid and cheesy but really fun

David L (jp) wrote: Children of Heaven is flawed in structure and pacing, but the film is so effective in its simple storytelling and very good characterization that it becomes such a moving tale that can really affect you emotionally. Watching the two children was so heartwarming and at times heartbreaking, the child actors gave very good performances, the film is mostly very well made and it succeeds as such an emotional family drama with a couple of truly powerful sequences.

bill s (kr) wrote: This parody and fitting tribute to the beloved 60's early 70's TV series works from start to finish.

Alexander P (ca) wrote: poor followup - yawning all the way

Dominique D (br) wrote: Pas mal aussi bon que le premier pour moi. Le succs du 1er ne semble pas trop avoir forc la main pour en faire un 2e ordinaire. Merci Prise 2.

Bojana B (au) wrote: reality well screened

Jeremiah Z (ca) wrote: Biopic sur l'actrice maudite d'Hollywood qui ne survole que le sujet et souffre justement d'etre trop hollywoodien

Daniel B (jp) wrote: El bonkerco classico

Ed P (ag) wrote: Great fun, one of my favourite lines exists in this film... "A plant like that could take over the world..."