Kreola arrives in Santa Domingo to join her photographer husband Andy. Although Andy is initially jealous of Marco, who is in town looking for his missing girlfriend who did not return from Santa Domingo with her coworkers after a girls getaway. When Kreola and Andy site the missing girl Iris in the company of their gruff, dominating sea captain Leon, Andy suggests Kreola distract him so that Marco has a chance of getting Iris back. Kreola scoffs at this but eventually does fall under Leon's spell. Andy's writer friend Jo Ann blames the island atmosphere for the tendency for puritanical Westerners to reject their inhibitions. When Andy and Marco cannot free their women from Leon's influence, things get drastic.

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bill s (kr) wrote: All I kept thinking throughout was lame,lame LAME.

Michael A (es) wrote: Fantastic extensive documentary about the Reggae maestro who preached peace and was stricken down by cancer at too young an age.

Spencer S (es) wrote: One of the more creative films to scope the world of film geeks, nerds, connoisseurs, and experts, most of the online film community can relate to the story of Scotty Pelk: Completely obsessed with film, Scotty can only communicate with people through the art form, and though his expertise is of the highest level, he is ridiculed throughout the film for his pestering and endless awkwardness with other people. In his spare time, it's all about film. Even when it's his day off he goes back to the video store; suggestions for a date invariably come back to film; all forms of conversation, you guessed it, are film related. Watching his exploits becomes painful as he is fired, mistreated, and blocked out of every societal standard possible. Though there is a spot of romance, the girl he goes after is visibly reluctant, which we're not sure the effervescent Scotty is even aware of, or if he chooses to live in his fantasy world, constructed of video tapes lying around his tiny apartment. The ending is by far the best part, a fantasy all film buffs and geeks have, and yet there's a Shyamalian twist that is both comical and sadly dark. I hope this is not what normal people compare us to, but it is fun to watch, geeking out at the multiple film references and scenes of desperation.

Eddie A (jp) wrote: This Russian sword and sorcery flick is epic. Reminds me of movies from the 80's like Conan or Beastmaster.

Jaistha R (ag) wrote: boring!but kareena was great!

Mamie C (mx) wrote: I really didn't dig this movie. Kinda crappy lighting and editing.

DEBBY U (kr) wrote: awesome movie...funny, romantic

Laurie W (nl) wrote: Sat for an hour waiting for it to get better, it doesn't. Worst movie ever.

Nicolas P (it) wrote: An hoy da sigue siendo una de las mejores de Dreamworks... y vaya que les costar hacer algo mejor! Esta es una gran pelcula!

James M (ag) wrote: A British sex comedy which indulges too heavily in parody in the final half-hour, but the cast do good, particularly Rowan Atkinson, who nearly steals the film. The Jeff Goldblum-Emma Thompson sex scene is worth watching for alone.

Rosarian D (ag) wrote: Sophia makes the film pop.

Kara H (ag) wrote: good to finally get an idea of what Frances Farmers life was like. I never really knew why Kurt cobain wrote a song about her, or who she was.

Bill B (gb) wrote: A sleaze classic that I'm happy to have finally crossed off the List Of Shame, Abel Ferrara's film still works rather well to this very day. It's a low budget film and captures the nightmarish qualities of early '80s NYC, which I'm thankfully only aware of in film, because it looks like a lawless nightmare world to live in.An abused young woman loses it and starts to strike back at men in general, at first targeting those who approach her, and eventually luring them in to punish them.Well worth a look, recommended.

Ian R (de) wrote: Breezy comedy about a bunch of soldiers who certainly do not make up the image of America's fighting men. Hijinks, sex, booze, pranks, even a football game. Put Altman on the map and deservedly so.

Mesha R (ru) wrote: Such an interesting film.. it is very rare today that we watch something without dialogue, but it manages to hold our attention and draw us in. Making us question what they're doing and what they will show next.

Pamela J (it) wrote: Apparently the critics are not patriots for the US. 0% liked this? Really???

Hayden H (ru) wrote: This was unneeded and totally a complete waste of time. Just God awful, it should be played in Hell to torture tenants

Joan B (kr) wrote: The kind of movie that you can't take seriously. Hilarious.

Tim M (it) wrote: Guy Pearce will never be better than this. A brilliant screenplay combined with spot on casting what this one of the best films I've ever seen. Original, and catchy it's a premise that if you connect you'll stay with for 4 hours. I was hooked early and the near two hour runtime flew by. Final Score: 10/10

Peter F (mx) wrote: A little late to the spoof table, Spaceballs still carries on as an amusing (albeit underwhelming) parody film. Just make sure you never come across the godawful cartoon it spawned *shudder*