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Krestonosets torrent reviews

Tanvir M (jp) wrote: Incoherent story redeemed by as usual excellent action sequences from Donnie Yen and some lavish sets.

Kimmo R (fr) wrote: hyv leffa,vaatii tosin vhn taustatietmyst...

Brian M (nl) wrote: I just finished writing a review of the very lame Sharknado movie, and it reminded me of another attempt at recreating a B-horror movie in Eight Legged Freaks. Though Eight Legged freaks is a far better movie. And, a lot more fun!The story is about a small town that gets over-run by giant spiders, that have been mutated by a toxic waste spill near a spider farm. The spiders start out small and grow to gigantic sizes, where we get to see all different kinds of species of spiders go on a stomping and eating spree in the city. And, local towns people are trying to find some way to get rid of them, while spiders are snatching them up one by one, and either having them for dinner, or taking them elsewhere for another purpose, which you will discover later on in the movie.The town gets together in a safe place in the local mall, only to find that they have walked right into the spiders domain, to find themselves surrounded by even more spiders. It's a good story, and some of it is even funny, outside of the obvious spider creepy-ness. And, some of the spiders are very cool, and I did not think any of the spider effects were cheap or hokey at all.The acting was pretty decent, and the story was good. So, I really enjoyed it. Though I really do hate spiders, and the bigger they are, the more I hate them. So, this was funny and creepy at the same time. I know if it really happened, I would jump in my car and get the hell out of!!

John Mikkiah T (ca) wrote: This movie is exciting & the plot twist was awesome! A MUST WATCH for Batman fans!

Luis O (au) wrote: It's a bit funny at times, but it doesn't seem to go anywhere.

Brynna J (au) wrote: thiss one is old and sadd=(

Susanna M (gb) wrote: I love Ming-Na Wen, but... Low-budget. Boring. Generally speaking, poor acting.

Ton Q (us) wrote: As a whole, Enemy at the Gates is a good film, and some scenes really stand out as being great. It's greatest flaw is a slight feeling of mediocrity throughout.

MF J (ru) wrote: An action flick with a solid story & good cast. nothing new, but a good entertainment.