Story about how a young couple overcome obstacles. Krishna is a 1996 Tamil language film written and directed by Raja Krishnamoorthy. The film stars Prashanth and Heera in the lead roles, while S. A. Rajkumar composed the film's music.

Sunil lives a poor life-style with his mom and sister. His passion is to pilot plane and he goes for training to become a successful pilot, but in the process he got himself entangled in a ... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Corey B (nl) wrote: 10 minutes in it looked like it was going to be a exploitation genre kind of movie both in look and mood. The kind you would watch late at night as a kid on the movie channels. 20 minutes in it all seem to build up, all the creepiness, all of the kind of stuff that would happen. 45 minutes into it I realized there really wasn't anything into this film except for it being a exploitation of all the creepy things one would see in a exploitation movie piled one on top of another. How this film found distribution astounds me. Only reason I give it one start is because it succeeds in creeping you out for the most part but it fails in really delivering after that or making any sense.

Robyn M (es) wrote: In the true event, the student, Gang Lu, was far from a naive victim whose dream was shattered by academic politics and cultural difference as portrayed by the film, but rather a self-promoting and selfish psycho who couldn't tolerate the fact that another fellow student was better than him.Chen Shi-Zheng captures the story very differently an far from it's truth, A pretty extreme character to start with, Gang Lu transforms into a poster- boy for a certain type of desperation with no outlet. You can kind of see it all coming from a mile away, but the outcome still packs a crazy kick in the gut. Maybe even all the more so for its nauseous inevitability.

Randy B (it) wrote: Excellent. The "Locked & Loaded" documentary included on the copy I watched was interesting as well.

Alfred M (us) wrote: ya mon, a real Jamaican movie. i absolutely love the original footage of old Jamaica. A must see for all yardies!

MEC r (ca) wrote: This movie had potential, but fell through the cracks. To bad.

Paul D (br) wrote: Harmless love triangle story with the usual set of ups and downs in the plot before it sorts itself out satisfactorily.

Ethan W (ca) wrote: Overall this is just a bad movie, the 11/2 stars I'm giving are all for Samuel L.Jackson but he couldn't save the movie entirely, it was just too dumb.

Charles H (br) wrote: Not as good as the first two parts in this trilogy. This one introduces many of the problems that George Lucas expanded on in the prequel trilogy and made star wars a bit lame. It has some of the best scenes from any star wars movie (some great highs), but also some of the most lame (some big lows).