Krishna Gopalkrishna

Krishna Gopalkrishna


  • Rating:
    4.00 out of 5
  • Length:0 minutes
  • Release:2002
  • Language:Malayalam
  • Reference:Imdb
  • Keywords:old man,  

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Krishna Gopalkrishna torrent reviews

Ville H (ru) wrote: Tyypillinen suomalainen kolmiodraama

Naina I (jp) wrote: SO sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!

Cathee Y (it) wrote: sounds like something i would watch on video

Jayakrishnan R (nl) wrote: 25%Saw this on 13/11/16Martyrs was really good for its first hour, but after that it went on to storylines that are purely torture porn that adds to no sense. One would be reminded of David Crorenberg films that are all senseless style and no substance. Martyrs had lots of potential, but then it lost it all for nothing.

Brad S (gb) wrote: A spare and delicate film that explores the fleeting nature of history and art and culture as it passes from one generation to another. The cast is solid, but a bit too reserved to really fall in love with them. The story meanders like a tiny brook slowly flowing they a thick empty forest. But it's a beautifully shot and well composed piece of art. Makes one think about numerous philosophical questions.

ray h (it) wrote: This is story of unrequited love over many decades. We are asked to believe that a guy falls madly in love with a woman he has simply seen and barely spoken to. It seems more like infatuation. The story, while not impossible, is a bit of a stretch. The story unfolds over the life-times of the characters. Not much is going on. The sets and acting are all very good.An actor of note is our hero, Ariza (Javier Bardem). He gives a fine performance in a difficult role. He is on screen to pine over this one irreplaceable woman. And, he is pretty convincing.The films chugs along and reaches it's conclusion. I could have spent my time better.

Erin D (kr) wrote: one of those films that is so beautiful and so disturbing but you can't look away.

Sean G (ru) wrote: Silly, but entertaining background noise.

Paul John M (ca) wrote: there's a lot of mediocre acting in this movie........but the fighting scenes are nice..

Ryan H (ag) wrote: Jim Carrey's finest performance of his career thus far. A total recommend for anyone.

Josh F (ag) wrote: One of those "phenomenal books with little to no hope of translating to film" scenarios...just like Cat in the Hat.

Movie K (au) wrote: Boring and exaggerated movie.

Brett B (gb) wrote: McGavin continues to do good work as Kolchak, and the supporting cast is a bit more interesting than the previous installment, but THE NIGHT STALKER still gets the edge in the story department; for all of the mystery that is built up, the eventual denouement here doesn't pack the spooky, eerie punch that first film did.

Brandon S (br) wrote: Offbeat western that at times is extremely brutal and then it turns into a comedy, but does however stay violent. A group of bank robbers are fleeing a robbery when they come across a station manned by a husband and wife. The trio kills the husband and then all take turns raping the wife and leave her for dead. Of course the woman is out for blood as she teams up with a bounty hunter to learn how to use a pistol better. Strange, but in a good way also has Welsh in her prime, must see for fans of spaghetti westerns only this one was made in England.

Colette M (de) wrote: I love all these Thin Man series!

Ben W (fr) wrote: Hands down one of the greatest films ever made. A true masterpiece.

Matthew M (de) wrote: kung fu panda. 2008 . 5 rates

Hrant B (it) wrote: When the Game Stands Tall is based on a true story about a high school football team based in Concord, California. The team had holds the record of the most consecutive wins with 151 which is a modern day record from any professional sports. The movie has a great cast with a wonderful feel good inspirational storyline. It was a fun movie to add to the list.

Jaime D (jp) wrote: Although this films central protagonist is the eponymous title character Max played by John Cusack the name on the blurb that really grabs the attention is Adolf Hitler. The fictional story centers around the meeting between Max, a Jewish art gallery owner and a young troubled war veteran and artist Adolf Hitler. The conceit is sound and Cusack brings his usual easy charm to the role, however Noah Taylor is a disaster. Obviously Hitler was a loathsome man but playing him at the age of 32 as a 14 year old teen brat is off the mark. Taylors spouts his lines like he(TM)s on stage at theatre studies GCSE piece and Cussocks comfortable managing of his role just seems to even further hi light Taylors failings in the scenes they are together. Not that I am saying that Taylor is totally at blame for the failing of this film. The script is awful, full of knowing little passages as if the writer is pointing and saying ~Look, because we all know how this turns out(TM) added to that the ~what might have been(TM) ending is just insulting.