Krishna: The Power of Indrakeeladri

Krishna: The Power of Indrakeeladri

The film is about Krishna, who was once a software engineer but quits his job to give it to his friend and is unemployed in the city of Vijayawada. Sandhya is a girl from Hyderabad who ...

This is the first movie which casts actor Raviteja with actress Trisha Krishnan. This has been a much anticipated combination by many, including the hero Raviteja. Raviteja's lack of enthusiasm in recent performances in Khatarnak and Dubai Seenu has spurred director V V Vinayak to tell the hero he must be more original, genuine, and enthusiastic about this present venture. Meanwhile, Trisha is busy with two films simultaneously after the success of Aadavari Matalaku Ardhalu Verule. One of these films is Krishna and the other is Bujjigadu, starring Prabhas, filming mainly in her hometown and residence Chennai. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Giovanni O (kr) wrote: The film has good atmosphere. At times it makes no sense. They try too hard to make it scary and fails at every turn. If they would have scrapped the horror/scares aspect of the film and went with a supernatural suspense thriller they would have had a better film on their hands.

Paul C (fr) wrote: Kind of boring. Just didn't quite do it for me

Carol Ann R (ca) wrote: Lovely movie, lovely music. Oh...the wonderful talent of Ms Dench & Ms Smith!!

Andrew C (mx) wrote: I managed the first 20 mins of this film then removed the offending dvd from the player and bined the disc and box to try and eradicate any knowledge of this dog of a film. So digusted with this film, it spured me on to write this ,Which I guess is my firsst ever review .50 % liked it !

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Glorimar S (de) wrote: I cried! I love the movie! It was so tender and sweet! So sad...

Fujiwara M (ca) wrote: old comedies=nice Frases XD

Ken S (it) wrote: The first cameo-rich part of this anthology isn't half bad, the others are passable, but not great. The super off pairing of Mark Hamil and TWIGGY almost works and Carpenter's turn as the Crypt Keeper-ish host is pretty silly too boot.

Roxanne R (ca) wrote: Good effort by Justin Dix (Director and co-writer) and cast members. This is a low budget Australian film that still manages to entertain and keeps you guessing how it will end. We have a TS government facility over 100 feet underground operated by the military and it comes under attack. So an elite squad of military personnel is sent to save/recover any remaining doctors and scientists. Once underground and inside the facility, they make big discoveries at their biomedical research section. The film goes from there. The acting is average, the special effects and editing were good; a few scenes were very gory and violent but overall great effort by cast and crew. This is another fine example of how shooting a film in basically one location is an economic advantage if your script/plot is interesting enough to keep the audience engaged. Available on Netflix instant streaming so enjoy!

Tio B (es) wrote: What a cornball ending.

TonyPolito (ag) wrote: Shamelessly derived from "Casablanca" - and a decent job of it. Right down to Mitchum's winning money off a crooked game in an exotic casino to fund a fast ticket out of town. OK, it's loaded dice, not a rigged roulette wheel - it's a ticket for Mitchum, not his dame - it's a ship, not a plane - and it's Hong Kong's mid-Century gambling pit, not Morocco's. Big diff. And there's a local lawman winking at the law, a casino-owner with a shady past - and plenty of other cinematic intellectual borrowing as well. The plot/dialogue is a little too fluffy for true-noir (though there's some sharp/smart enough talk sprinkled about), still it's an entertaining 85 minutes - and a bit of a surprise that classic-noir fans have left this film this fairly unnoticed. Robert Mitchum and Jane Russell ain't no Bogey and Bacall, but framed by this seedy Occidental den-of-sin filled with players playing both sides of the law, the duo is entertaining enough to watch. Mitchum always made for a good noir-gumshoe and there's just (barely) enough snooping here for him to hang his Fedora on. Here, Russell was still well under Howard Hughes' thumb/eye, so the camera's obsessively driven to showcase her figure/endowment from every angle. As the smoky saloon songster, she belts out a couple o' forgettable numbers. Delivery-wise, Russell's interesting; at the mere turn of a word, she flips back-and-forth from hard-bit and hard-hearted to the little girl still dreaming of her Prince Charming, thereby proving a degree of acting ability. The rest of the cast plays fairly flat. Save some establishing shots, this is all set-piece work, and it shows. RECOMMENDATION: Not top-tier classic-noir, but still, really, fans of such should spin it up.

G Brandon H (ag) wrote: One of the finer Ford films. Love the performances and characters.

Alex S (kr) wrote: There's a surprising amount of heart, but also an unfortunate lack of laughs, Big Daddy is mildly amusing and a movie you can relax and enjoy, but as expected, it's no cinematic achievement.