Kristove roky

Kristove roky


Juraj, a Slovak artist living in Prague, takes stock in hus life, realizing that his days pass without purpose. He lives a carefree life. But now he has to choose between two women, between the city and the country, and between creative work and craftsmanship. He has a passion for art but he also has to make a living. Through his relationships with close people, he grows aware of his position and this knowledge helps him to live a more fulfilling and better life. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Collin R (br) wrote: I think its fair to say Guy Ritchie and I dont get along with movies lol with the exception of Momento I havent found one movie I like of his yet. But at the same time I am always interested in them

Miranda Z (fr) wrote: I wish I had this kind of friendship. Or, hmm, actually maybe not.

Alex P (it) wrote: what the fuck was that? what kind of ending was that? to be continued, fuckin bullshit, its a movie how can it b to b continued. + the movie sucked ass bad acting. only the fucki nfast pacin zombies nd the gory scenes gets a lil credit.

Christopher S (it) wrote: Bizarre little film evokes a strangely effective surreal low-budget sci-fi atmosphere, unfortunately it's just too slow and uneventful to be entertaining. Some very strange and inventive visuals, but despite the fact that it was made by the Flaming Lips, there's no music. Would have been a very interesting short film, but there's just not enough here for even an 80-minute feature.

Bret G (it) wrote: A brash, original melodrama...Watching Dogville is like training a microscope on a Petri dish of good people and witnessing there the spontaneous growth of evil. Rent it.

Ben R (ag) wrote: This movie if filled with moments of hilarity and moments of insight...but it would all be so much more entertaining if you didn't know that these characters (or at least character types) really exist. Jim Varney's last performance.

Damon R (au) wrote: I admit I did enjoy it. However, I like the X-Men better. Granted this movie is based on the comic books, which I might look into one day. However, it's more of a superhero comedy than an action-adventure. Dark Horse Comics does mean well.

Simon D (gb) wrote: Bizarre film with some disturbing scenes but, as a lover of original movies, I'd say this is one of the best. Weird but interesting story too

james s (au) wrote: A very technology movie.

Max N (gb) wrote: Un gran melodrama de las postrimerias del maestro aleman. Ultima parte de la genial trilogia sobre el milagro economico aleman, sin duda las mas oscura y desesperanzada de las tres. Gracias a una excelente ambientacion y una fotografia notable que recuerda los filmes germanos de los origenes, Fassbinder logra hilar con exito las penurias de una actriz en decadencia, sumeriga ante el indiferencia de quienes la rodean, una metafora del precio que debio pagar Alemania durante la reconstruccion. Excelente.

Joshua D (ru) wrote: "A major chord is when everything in your Iife works out perfectly, when you have everything you could ever possibly want." Martin Scorsese is the Renaissance movie maker of the world. He does it all. From After Hours to Raging Bull Scorsese never stops telling great stories through film. New York, New York is a Big band, big emotion deal. Music and love are the key components to the rather long and somewhat drawn-out film. De Niro and Minnelli give strong performances and really show the struggle that the couple is going through. The music is big and the history is greater! Frank Sinatra's famous song is derived from this film, believe it or not.

Carlos R (ca) wrote: An underrated masterpiece of cinema. This film really has it all, it contains practically all the ingredients that films require to be great. There's a peculiar tone in almost every aspect, and it's all carried by an outstanding work of direction by one of the greatest geniuses in film history: Charles Chaplin, who also of course plays the title role, which is one of the most fascinating characters I've seen in a film... the guy is a murderer (a psychopath maybe) but his true nature is very far from that, he's in some way a hero, a role model, a representative of the world society and a man who speaks for all of us; but also it's a common man, and despite the things he does (everything decorated by a fantastic dark comedy, with some touches of physical comedy), easily anyone could identify with him. The cast was fantastic in general. The narration was perfect, so many parallel storylines with one character in common (changing his identity), but the film is incredibly easy to follow and connect with. The score (composed by Chaplin) was very good too, perfect for this unique film. Almost every scene is absolutely memorable, filled with Chaplin's trademark humanism and sensibility, but without losing the dark tone of the movie.It was the eight work I've seen of Chaplin (7 films and a short), and this is the 4th that is added to my list of favorite films, though I really liked the other 3 too. A superb masterpiece that deserves a lot of more recognition, and to be considered one of Chaplin's absolute best (along with City Lights, Modern Times, The Gold Rush, The Great Dictator,...). But no matter that, I loved it, and for me it's a undisputed masterpiece. There's so much of Chaplin I still got to see, and surely there must be a bunch of great films (or shorts) expecting to delight me with the incredible talent of that little man called Charles Chaplin.

Kristal W (us) wrote: This movie change my life!

Brandon S (de) wrote: I love the atmosphere and visually it isn't bad, but I got this sinking feeling that I wasn't going to be satisfied by the surely impending plot twist as the movie went on, and sure enough I wasn't.

Alex S (es) wrote: The sentimental parts were brutal