Kronans käcka gossar

Kronans käcka gossar


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Rochelle H (nl) wrote: Well-made documentary, disturbing, repulsive, filthily corrupt subject matter. Good to see it could make a difference, and hopefully it will continue to do so.

Tibor F (us) wrote: Elit hallosztk 2 megnzve. Ritka, amikor egy msodik rsz jobb mint az els?, de most err?l beszlhetnk. Fura a film stlusa tovbbra is, de sokkal nzhet?bb, mint az els?, sszeszedettebb, igen szp vet fut be az elejt?l a vgig. Tudom ajnlani a megtekintst.

Curtis L (es) wrote: A crappy horror movie that makes fun of itself for being a crappy horror movie. We get it, but at some point it should have tried to NOT be a crappy horror movie.

Matt V (es) wrote: Supposed to be about sharks, not finding treasure.....

Weisi S (jp) wrote: It's hard to finish and hard to forget after you're done. It's a heart breaking...or say heart ripping sad story that reveals the struggle of some unfortunates in the world lacking sympathy and humanity. And how I can relate to the heroine's feeling makes me love it very much. In your own music world, you see and feel what you can't see and feel in the real world, and everyone is nice and everything is beautiful, no matter how cruel the real world you're facing is.

Sean S (jp) wrote: Just saw it again.... loved it as that kid shriveling under blanket back then.... still loving it now. Great adaptation of a Stephen King short story.

chase (de) wrote: a serviceable service picture that fails to make adequate use of Cary Grant. overt propaganda and racism shows the age of this one.

Joseph F (ru) wrote: Sorely needs a better music track but very racy for its day.

Heather M (de) wrote: This was a dark and disturbing movie. If it were not for the amazing cast this would have been a movie to pass on. Olsen, Isaac, and Lange were spectacular and the supporting also did a wonderful job.

Damon G (gb) wrote: This is THE BEST worst movie I have seen. There are no words.