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Jacob D (ca) wrote: The action is absolutely amazing the story is gripping so what more do you need in an action movie.

Robert G (es) wrote: If you want to waste your time and watch one of the wort movies you will ever see then you should watch this

Poodle K (gb) wrote: Boring film with boring actors

Timm S (au) wrote: Education Vs Incarceration. Prisons Are Not The Way To Redevlop People's Mind. What A Sad State Of Affairs As Money Changes Hands & Governments Justify Another (In A Long List Of...) Unwinnable War. This Was Such An Enlightening Documentary On The True Pecking-Order Of Societies. Nice Chilled Soundtrack Really Drives This Hard Message Home On The Truth Of Our Endocannabinoid System Connection To This Intresting Situation-Plant.

Leong C (ag) wrote: Beautifully done, a documentary on one of the most daring accomplishment, simply by determination and crazy planning...

scott g (kr) wrote: a business man looses his wife, as he ends up looking after his daughter, he feels he needs to be with her, which includes waiting outside her school as she goes there, here he gets the feel of the area and people and conducts his business affairs, while getting a bit of a fresh outlook on life, a enjoyable gentle drama, with a good performance from, the main charactor, and nicely directed moments

Amy H (gb) wrote: Poor acting, poor story line, just pathetic. Don't waste your time.

Anne G (ru) wrote: In one of the early scenes in this movie, the main character, Anne Shirley spots her beloved from the beach and runs to greet him...only to do an epic faceplant in the sand. This pretty much sums up this movie. It strives and yet falls flat on its face repeatedly. It was an ill-conceived attempt to further cash in on the Anne franchise. Unlike the first two parts of this "trilogy" of movies, this story is original and not truly based on the works of Montgomery at all. Even overlooking that, the story is weak at best. Characterization is lacking. Gone is the polyannish girl with red hair who would illuminate people's hearts with her flair for the dramatic and her love of words. We are given in her stead a generic female protagonist who lives in fear and whose only real drive is to reunite with her husband--she could just as easily be a grown Nancy Drew. The writing was stilted at the best of times, so it is a credit to the extraordinary acting abilities of Megan Fellows et al. that they were able to deliver some of these lines without choking on the cheese. The Magic of Green Gables (and Avonlea in general) was that it was an archetypal Home. It was a place where the pies were always hot and hearts were always glad. This movie begins with a violation of that, so it begins on a note of betrayal. It continues in that spirit with the addition of adult subplots that have no real business in a young adult movie (marital difficulties, ethical dilemmas, hospital politics...) I have given this movie a rating of two stars because as usual the acting was superb and it was just barely enough to pull this movie from the edge of the cliff.

Peter P (au) wrote: Boring story, bad acting and a cute dog, so I guess it has one thing going for it, too bad that's all it has.

Aidan B (ru) wrote: My second Zhang Yimou film... It shows Chinese life effectively, with plenty of emotion. A couple main points, including the title, obviously, and a pressing onward one for China.

jesse m (mx) wrote: A hairy lump of crap, and as a more faithful remake of the original novel it's a reminder as to why the original 1981 film strayed from the source. Only note of praise is the pretty clever yet nasty transformation scene.

Samuel M (es) wrote: Otra de esas obras que nos demuestra lo buen cineasta que es Carpenter.Era dificil de creer que una obra con una propuesta tan alocada pueda ser una pelcula de terror tan bien enfocada y recreada. Christine no nos dar miedo per se, pero la tensin se va construyendo poco a poco de forma magistral, no solo por las actuaciones de sus actores, la edicin y ese brutal ritmo, sino por los increibles planos que consiguen convertir a Christine en un elemento realmente amenzador. Una cinta que se rod y edit con gran mimo, algo que se deja ver en cada segundo de pelcula.

Darrin C (nl) wrote: A great primes... but kinda dated now. This movie needs to be remade. In 1982 they had to be conservative, but now they could be much more open with a threesome's sexuality.

Mike T (kr) wrote: Director Gillo Pontecorvo makes a wise choice in his employment of a gritty, bare-bones visual style for this picture. It serves very well to soak up the atmosphere and establish a strong mood. This is a terrific story, and it could have been a great movie, but unfortunately it's hindered by structural problems and some uninspired staging. The most impressive thing about this is, of course, Marlon Brando (who once told Larry King that he considered his work here to be the finest in his career). His character portrait is enrapturing, honest and extravagantly textured. I would rank this among his strongest performances.

Seth K (br) wrote: I'm a huge McQueen fan, but have always found this movie to be flat and slow moving despite a good cast. McQueen is supposed to be a young man but clearly is not. Half Indian, but doesn't seem to have a drop of Native American blood. The best thing about the movie? The fantastic theme music by Alfred Newman. World class.

Michael J (de) wrote: I love French cinema, I love France, I really love The French. I did watch with an open mind. But this is just a piece of tripe. The dialogue was childish, the acting high school, and the directing was student YouTube quality. But, one has to wait for the absolutely hysterically funny death scene ending. It was so poorly actied and directed, I was bellied over sideways laughing so hard. Please, you have to watch this movie just to kill the myth that this is a classic. The more people who see it, the more the myth will disappear.

dawne m (ru) wrote: very good for kids who love spys

Jack H (it) wrote: 'One of the scariest endings of all time' - my eye! Unfortunately, I struggled to believe in the The Vanishing's touted ending. The preceding 2 hours, however, were grippingly unconventional, well performed and laced with sinister touches of dramatic irony.