Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo and the Two Strings

Kubo mesmerizes the people in his village with his magical gift for spinning wild tales with origami. When he accidentally summons an evil spirit seeking vengeance, Kubo is forced to go on a quest to solve the mystery of his fallen samurai father and his mystical weaponry, as well as discover his own magical powers.

Young Kubo's (Art Parkinson) peaceful existence comes crashing down when he accidentally summons a vengeful spirit from the past. Now he must locate a magical suit of armor worn by his late father in order to defeat the spirit. . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Arceli A (jp) wrote: I think this movie will be cool

Khalid M (nl) wrote: David Cronenberg X David Cronenberg

Kollin C (nl) wrote: Crazy As Hell Puts Together A Very Nice Twist With A Very Good Acting Especially From Eriq La Salle(Who Also Directed) But I Personally Think It Went On A Little Too Long.

Eric L (us) wrote: Typical Czech satire. Almost TOO typical... probably the least sympathetic protagonist I've seen in a long time.

Maisam M (fr) wrote: sounds interesting....

Zo N (gb) wrote: I don't care, Matt Damon in a cowboy hat and speaking Spanish makes it worth while!

Jordan W (mx) wrote: The film presented a fascinating premise, which a comedy-driven script could have strongly benefited from; instead, the plot severely began to deteriorate as the film progressed. The script lacked the "umph" it needed. I couldn't stand Four, who had a immense lack of intelligence??much rather a passing resemblance of a mentally handicap Doug, somewhat in bad taste. Four's dialog and actions, including stuffing a pizza slice in his wallet, were far exaggerated and way over the top. On top of everything, the lovemaking scene dragged on for far too long and had the awkward inclusion of Four getting in on the action. To wrap it up, a predictable ending arrived. That ending was far implausible??spoiler alert??A $250,000 project completed by four Dougs in a few days?There were definitely some funny moments, especially earlier on, but if anyone were to ask my recommendation on the film, I'd say, "No. Don't. Watch 'Groundhog Day' again."

Pranav K (kr) wrote: thought i'd finally see this as i wasn't allowed to when it came out, lol; starts off pretty filmi but then once the story starts its pretty nice. Bhatts never shied away from deep, intense, and controversial topics. This film can still be enjoyed today. Songs are great (mainly the melodic Kya Tum Mujhse Pyaar and Tujhe Pyaar Karte). Great direction as all performances are superb from Ajay to Naseerudin.

Ms Amanda J (ru) wrote: Grounded tale about a pair of teenagers trying to make a living after the girlfriend (Molly Ringwald) gets pregnant. Kenneth Mars is pretty funny as Stan's dad but the scene where Darcy and her mother are exchanging French sentences was awkward and pointless. This is a somewhat different role for Molly Ringwald, as she doesn't play someone who's awkward around the guy she likes. Instead, she's in a sexually active relationship with her boyfriend, and displays an air of playful confidence around him. Overall, For Keeps is worth seeing because it doesn't portray teen pregnancy as glittered gold, and the hurdles that the two young leads face (what an apartment) is interesting to watch.

Quincy J (jp) wrote: Old school but but puts a lot vampire movies of today to shame. It still going strong.

Gimly M (jp) wrote: Accurately surmises my feelings on child rearing.Weird for weird's sake doesn't phase me, in fact it's kind of my wheelhouse. What I do have trouble abiding in Eraserhead is how long Lynch will linger on each part of the film. He stays on each frame longer than seems humanly reasonable. It's like a comedian telling a joke that barely hits the first time, then retelling it three or four more times, then starring at his audience with his eyes and mouth open wide in anticipation. We had it the first time, just move on. I understand it's an intentional stylistic choice, but it doesn't mesh with me at all.

Nate W (kr) wrote: Too much was left out from the book.

Scott C (au) wrote: Great theme song and I love the 70s grit, but the plot wasn't too absorbing.

Christopher B (it) wrote: Great performances abound in this leisurely paced film about the end of the counterculture. Reminded me of the seventies films that strived for realism like Joe and The King of Marvin Gardens.

Deadly V (fr) wrote: An Excellent Tale of Murder and Suspense.

Bob V (ag) wrote: Meticulously researched, lusciously designed historical drama about the eponymous first Mexican President, the Emperor falsely installed by Napoleon III to keep him out of power, and his wife, Belgian princess 'Carlotta'. Despite the sky-high production values and the effort to be faithful to the truth (Muni spent 3 hours applying masks & prosthetics to look like Juarez, causing Warner to exclaim: you mean we're paying Muni all that dough and you can't even recognize him??), Juarez is a long, rambling and very incoherent film. Gliding from throne room to council room with few scenes in between, and those oddly disjointed and almost random, it is very static. Fine acting from Muni & Aherne, very fine, but they have little more to do than soliloquise endlessly. Bette Davis is window dressing for much of the film, though she delivers one of the (few) fiery scenes when she confronts Napoleon and goes stark raving mad. Garfield plays one of the most New York sounding Mexicans ever, which is unintentionally hilarious, I'm afraid. Gale Sondergaard has only two scenes, and she's still more memorable than most of the men in the cast, which shows how disjointed the film really is.Next to Davis' big descent into madness, one other scene, of Juarez confronting his treacherous vice-president, is vivid and memorable, but these two scenes combined only serve to high-light how terribly static the rest of the film is.

Massimo B (kr) wrote: Dire che non mi piaciuto per niente davvero poco (se pu d "cagata assurda"?). Non pensavo che uno come Nick Cave potesse prestarsi a un'inutile, fumosa mappazza agiografica del genere. ?#?phony?

Tim M (fr) wrote: Weird looking, strange dystopian sci-fi. Great voices, trippy animation.

bill s (us) wrote: Very underrated TV series,very bad movie.