Kuch To Gadbad Hai

Kuch To Gadbad Hai

Justice Balwant Khanna lives a comfortable lifestyle with his wife, Devika, and two sons, Sanjay and Jai. He has placed a lot of faith in his sons hoping that they will marry girls of equal status. Unfortunately, Sanjay falls in love with an orphan by the name of Rashmi and marries her. Balwant reluctantly accepts her as his daughter-in-law, but warns Jai that there will be no more orphan daughter-in-laws welcome in the Khanna household. Then chaos breaks out when Mr. Kapoor and Mrs. Kapoor arrive to fix the marriage of their daughter with Sanjay. Chaos gives way to confusion when the Kapoors claim that Rashmi is their daughter. While Devika instantly accepts Rashmi, Balwant takes his own time to accept her as his daughter-in-law. Then Jai announces that he has married a girl named Neha, the daughter of Gopal Das. Shortly thereafter Rashmi invites her friend, Riya and her husband Ajay to live with them as paying guests.

Justice Balwant Khanna lives a comfortable lifestyle with his wife, Devika, and two sons, Sanjay and Jai. He has placed a lot of faith in his sons hoping that they will marry girls of equal... . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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bill b (mx) wrote: Its a trully allegorical comedy.Nice story and interesting situationsIt reminds me a bot of Kustirica's world but still is an enjoyable film

Russet S (mx) wrote: I love Larry The Cable Guy....and I love this movie along with his others.

Bengel W (ru) wrote: Sadness and depression are the tones of this movie set up especially by the score. Michael plays a worn out individual showing an acting masterpiece in his composition of his part. This overall sadness is enhanced by the slaughtered body count that keeps on building. The mystery is complex adding to the thrill of the psychological drama. Nibbles: Vindaloo.

Asif H (fr) wrote: Awesome performance by Salman, shame about the movie.

Christopher H (it) wrote: I can see why critics would like this movie, but at the end of the day, this film comes off as two different movies forced together into one: the amnesiac would-be actress, and the father/son conman/assassin road trip movie. For the most part, it works, but what really hurts is the lasting impression of the movie. The light hearted parts are sugary sweet. The darker moments are pitch black. Its not my style of movie, but it's not terrible either.

Dan P (kr) wrote: This might be the most (unintentionally) hilarious movie I've ever watched.

Lupus D (ag) wrote: What a wasteland of a movie. I need to farm similar.

Lee M (au) wrote: Although bits of it will look hackneyed to current viewers, at the time it was sensationally sexy (and was a global smash hit) and it has retained an enjoyable sensuality and charm.

Kyle A (nl) wrote: From my 'Debra Granik's Essential Films Independent Study': From Debra's list of American Classics I chose to watch Nothing But A Man, a film the inspired Debra as she works on her latest film (which, like Nothing But A Man, deals with lower class 'black issues'). The 1964 film follows the life of Duff, a hard working railway worker that falls in love with a school teacher, who also happens to be the daughter of an 'upstanding preacher'. The film highlights class divisions between African Americans and the tension that ensues when the human value Duff believes he has is not the same as his co-workers. Duff is a proud man who came from a terrible childhood. At the beginning of the film we see him working on the rail system, and hear about how he's stood up to the white man and how that's cost him more prestigious (and well paying) jobs. One day he happens to catch the attention of a school teacher and the two start to get to know each other. However, the school teacher's father is highly opposed to the situation, disliking both the fact that Duff works on the railways & that he's not willing to bend to the white man's will in order to live a better life (a life he certainly wants for his daughter). Still, the couple marry and the father does his new son-in-law a favor by getting him a construction job. Duff excels at the job, but (subtly) does not stand for the jabs and disrespects his white bosses and co-workers aim at both himself and his fellow black co-workers. Instead of being inspired by Duff, his African American collogues become worried (and probably more so jealous) of Duff's determination in keeping his pride and decide to oust him by themselves leaving Duff (and his bride) jobless. The whole plotline is genuine and feels realistic to the nature of the situation, which is uncommon practice in mainstream American filmmaking. Even while Sidney Poitier was dealing with racial issues two years earlier in Guess Who's Coming to Dinner and In the Heat of the Night, mainstream American cinema couldn't hold a candle to the complexities of being an African American like is depicted in Nothing But A Man. Roemer's film isn't scared of pointing fingers in multiple directions and exposing the weaknesses within all of its characters (we even see that Duff neglects his child from a previous relationship) while being compassionate enough to understand why they bend to prejudices. The film is powerful, unglamorous, and truthful to human complexities, which is what a good film should be.

Simon D (us) wrote: I'd love to be able to remember who recommended this to me so I could give them a slap. Load of rubbish that seems to endorse bullying, vandalism, adultery, binge drinking and generally acting like bellends. An ensemble of unlikable actors playing unlikable characters.

Paul C (jp) wrote: Decent Bigfoot flick. The modified-found-footage technique (adding a score, some non-ff angles) showed promise, but then descended into standard ff tropes. Excellent creature effects are hampered by the over use of shaky-cam.

Brian P (au) wrote: this movie is hilarious

maye (de) wrote: One of the best feel-good movies ever