Kudirithe Kappu Coffee

Kudirithe Kappu Coffee

Varun Sandesh acts in the lead role along with the debutant actress Suma Bhattacharya in the opposite lead role. Yogeshwara Sharma, who is the son of acclaimed lyricist Sirivennala Seetha Rama Sastry, debuts himself as the music composer for this film

Varun Sandesh acts in the lead role along with the debutant actress Suma Bhattacharya in the opposite lead role. Yogeshwara Sharma, who is the son of acclaimed lyricist Sirivennala Seetha Rama Sastry, debuts himself as the music composer for this film . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


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Kevin R (fr) wrote: Where's runt?Alpha and Omega and their three children are getting ready for their first winter together. Unfortunately, Runt, their youngest child, turns up missing when he gets lost in some tall grass. The remaining two children and Alpha and Omega try to find their missing family member."I am sure you would taste very badly."Anthony Bell (Alpha & Omega, Boondocks, Rugrats, and Duckman) collaborates with Richard Rich (The Swan Princess series) to deliver Alpha and Omega 2. The storyline for this picture is just okay and fairly mediocre. The animation style was also mediocre and could have been better. "Right this way, Wolf Eater."We grabbed this off Netflix as a movie that my daughter would enjoy. Overall, this is a fun movie to watch with your child as the animation and characters are interesting. The run time is also appropriate at 46 minutes. This is worth viewing once but I wouldn't go too out of my way to see it. "Bite my paw."Grade: D

Adam V (mx) wrote: The title says it all. If you go into this movie expecting some realistic journey of Abraham Lincoln and his reign you're going into this movie with the wrong expectations. This movie is supposed to be silly, its supposed to be completely ludicrous, and most of all its supposed to be fun. I thoroughly enjoyed this film for what it is, a fun and ridiculous popcorn flick about Abraham Lincoln killing some f**king vampires.

Edward K (br) wrote: awesome movie the killer was creepy and crazy

Kaspar H (es) wrote: Probably my least-favorite Coen brothers movie. Bardem's character is so unconvincing, that the movie lacks any real edge and is not the least bit disturbing. Great cinematography though.

Kok Hoong F (ru) wrote: A fearless thug unexpectedly finds his own redemption of decency and dignity one night when he finds a baby in a car he steals. This 2005 Academy-award winner for Best Foreign Language Film tugs at your heartstrings and makes your heart swell with hope and pride for the protagonist, played by Presley Chweneyagae.

Mickey M (gb) wrote: The government of Japan has created the ultimate weapon against "Godzilla" (Tsutomu Kitagawa), a cyborg built using advanced DNA technology, with the remains of the original "Godzilla" killed after its attack in 1954 (a reference to the original movie) found on the Pacific Ocean floor. The cyborg, called "Kiryu" (Hirofumi Ishigaki), had missles, and a ray that froze whatever it struck.Like most movies in the series, this one has strengths and weaknesses.The special effects are pretty much a plus in this movie. Despite the movie being 11 years old now, the special effects have pretty much held up. Green screen effects don't stand out that bad for most of the time, but it does briefly a few times. The arsenal of "Kiryu" are pretty believeable special effects, including the launching sequence of the "absolute zero" ray. "Godzilla" itself looks a lot bulkier than previous versions, but pretty realistic.The score of the movie is pretty good, but not really memorable. It helped enhance the fight scenes pretty well, without overwhelming them.One big problem with the story was, as usual for a "Godzilla" movie, the human cast plotlines. We get to see no more than motive to destroy the beast, but not much else when it comes to character development. Their interaction with each other is pretty good though, but their relationships aren't really expanded on."Godzilla" itself never really appeared as a threat to the Japanese population, which was nothing more than collateral damage. "Godzilla" was much more focused on his enemy, "Kiryu" than the people whose nuclear advancedments created it. "Godzilla" basically ignored any part of Japan it stomped through. It also barely put up a fight against "Kiryu", and appeared fairly weak for the one with top billing.Overall, this is not a great "Godzilla" film, but fans of the series will find it no more than acceptable. If you never seen one of the movies, don't start with this one.

Rawballs B (nl) wrote: Courageous in such a way the 'Species' are daring, sexy, wearing lustful dresses and in the end the movie finished with slithering lasciviousness fulfillment...

Laura L (fr) wrote: With this being a biopic about a playwright I didn't know anything about, I thought it would just turn out to be a mushy melodramatic mess. I was wrong. This film is great in blending tragedy and comedy. The comedic elements really emphasized the dark wit of Orton. I love the Brits for their black humour, and this film certainly has great moments of it. The sickest and funniest scene is when Orton gives his mother's false teeth to one of the actors before they go on stage. I thought the ending was slightly humorous, and that might make me a sick person. Halliwell's face while he is murdering Orton is suprisingly funny. That scene creates an explanation for the conflict between Orton's dramatic life off stage and the humour in his plays. While Oldman is brilliant as always in this, Alfred Molina's perfomance as the pathetic and brutish Halliwell is what really shines through.

Janeal M (kr) wrote: Jerry Lewis at his best with all the right moves, lines, and dancing.

Steve B (mx) wrote: so bad its almost good

Faisal M (ag) wrote: SUCKED A BIG TIME... REALLY BIG TIME... had heard alot about this movie but IT SUCKED... i really liek rishi kapoor but he was just average in this movie. yeha i know this movie is old and expected flaws but still it was CRAP!!! the funny thing was that the gal in the mnovie kept losingand gaining weight thrhought the movie.. the cmic relief they tried to give in the movie was STUPID... OVERALL A HORRIBLE MOVIE!!!

Ben F (br) wrote: I can't for the life of me remember why I saw this in theaters. I actually enjoyed it quite a lot. Is something wrong with me?

Matthew S (au) wrote: Ignore the Oscars, Elizabeth Olsen delivered the most interesting performance by an actress in 2011. The Durkin Brothers have created a truly chilling depiction of cult manipulation, brainwashing and the devastating PTSD that results. And, while those aspects are crucial to the film -- it is also a surprisingly creepy experience where the viewer must decide the validity of the title character's paranoia. Unforgettable, disturbing and haunting.

Christopher B (kr) wrote: Gore-fest in the style of Hostel. Liked the sequel better.

Guilherme N (ca) wrote: Lost in emotions. It's a good (I suppose) B movie.