Kûga no ori: Nami dai-42 zakkyobô

Kûga no ori: Nami dai-42 zakkyobô


Welcome to the Big House! It looks like any other prison, but this specialized penitentiary was designed from the ground up to hold Japan's most ruthless female inmates. That makes it doubly deadly, because while the guards may be brutal and sadistic, the inmates outnumber them by a hundred to one! At any second the final, fatal riot may erupt, stoking the flames of a thousand forbidden desires into an all-consuming inferno where it's every woman for herself! The shocking reality of Japan's secret prison system is exposed in Chain Gang Girls! . You can read more in Google, Youtube, Wiki


Kûga no ori: Nami dai-42 zakkyobô torrent reviews

David M (ca) wrote: An excellent cop film that shows what the warriors in blue go through each day. Props to David Ayer for showing us what it means to be a cop in the real world.

Stephanie S (kr) wrote: This was so good. It reminded me of 28 days or weeks later

Beth A (jp) wrote: Such. an. amazing. movie. I love this little insight in finding out who you are, what you are... and creating the path of who you could be. Directed, acted and produced in such a lovely way. Sad in a way, but the truth in it speaks volumes.

Camille L (jp) wrote: Si World Trade Center n'a aucune des qualits habituelles d'un film d'Oliver Stone mais se trouve quand mme tre un fim visuellement impressionnant dans les trente premires minutes (l'attentat), avant d'tre plus commun dans l'heure qui suit (les policiers coincs et les familles qui pleurent). Heureusement, le final est fantastique et les bons acteurs arrivent par paquet de douze (Stephen Dorff, Michael Shannon & Brad William Henke paulent Michael Pea et surtout Nicolas Cage). Dommage que le score soit alors aussi pompier.

Rhonda S (jp) wrote: I liked it. Some of the effects were kinda cheesy, but heck we can't have everything.

Jim H (us) wrote: An American-born Chinese doctor falls into a lesbian relationship with a woman who rejects the strictures of their shared culture against the backdrop of her mother's scandalous pregnancy.The first act of this film is positively delightful, a Chinese version of Imagine Me and You. Michelle Krusiec is a gem as Wil, full of quick wit and a reserved sexuality. Joan Chen perfectly captures the type of Chinese mom I've seen in real life, commanding yet somehow behind the times enough to make one cautious to rebel, feeling a sense of respect we automatically associate to antiquity. And Lynn Chen is the perfect leading lady to Krusiec's character.The film is about all the things one might expect, prejudice, modernity, and the need to rebel against the mores of the past. Obviously, these themes aren't new, but they seem fresh through writer/director Alice Wu's lens.The second and third acts were a little slow; it was almost as though the film had to stop to unravel itself, and the sharp, charming wit of the first act slipped away.Overall, Saving Face is a delightful film, and I hope to see more of Krusiec.

Bo R (au) wrote: hahahahaahaha this is really sad

Lanette S (mx) wrote: Allan Jones and Jeanette Macdonald are at their best in their only starring role!

MB H (nl) wrote: I've seen this movie quite a few times. In fact, I own it. Smart, well-written, dark humor, great performances, and an in your face treatment of social dogma that keeps me coming back.

Ahmed M (ru) wrote: While the film does get a bit boring some times, for the most part it is an amazing movie, with a really good story and good performances by every actor.

Baurushan J (nl) wrote: Hello my name is Baurushan and say, do you remember the mystical time in the 1990s when the Power Rangers hit the TV? Well the show was epic and all the kids loved it and I'm pretty sure they still remember it even till this day until they started changing Powers and Rangers just about every single season, then everything soon became hell. In 1995, we got our first Power Rangers movie special titled Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie and it was epic. The action scenes were fun, it treated it's audience well, it introduced us to a new villain named Ivan Ooze and it was seemingly a success. Two years later, we now got Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. The story is about an alien wizard named Lerigot who is wanted by the evil Divatox who is the wife of the evil lord Maligore. Lerigot tries to escape but Divatox captures him. Meanwhile, the three extra Power Rangers Adam, Tanya and Katherine who replaced Billy, Trini and Zack arrive at the command centre to meet Alpha 5 and their master Zordon including Tommy who has survived since the first series. Tommy and Katherine go to the forest to find Lerigot but she ends up with a broken leg so they head back to the command centre. They meet a ten-year-old named Justin who is now the new Blue Ranger after the previous ranger Rocky was injured in a martial arts practice. It also turns out that the rangers are given new powers as well and instead of Zeo Rangers, they are now Turbo Rangers with cars for Zords. (oh yeah we also meet Bulk and Skull somewhere and Kimberley and Jason also appear around the film). I guess the characters were fun, the visuals were epic, the design for the command centre was rubbish but it was still a good design but the story was seemingly all over the place. Since then, the Power Rangers TV show slacked a lot. Ever since it re-aired from Season 1 back in 2010 it didn't do any justice to the original 1993 airing of the seasons. Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie (1997) gets a 6.7/10 and that's the best I can give.

Tyler Z (au) wrote: A little slow in some parts but one of my favorite baseball movies of all time

Oj H (es) wrote: Bobcat Goldthwait made it fun and enjoyable as he became part of the academy. Better than part 2, not quite part 1, but somewhere in between. Again... it was fun.

Christophe M (fr) wrote: Avec des faux airs de "Lady Snowblood", c'est un film de sabre et de vengeance pas ordinaire, "Sex and Fury" fait partie d'une srie de film rcemment dits sous le nom de Pinky Violence Collection, des films japonais dcomplex au niveau de la violence et surtout de l'rotisme. Ocho, orpheline leve par des femmes aux moeurs lgre on va dire, se met en chasse contre les responsable de son flic de pre quand elle tait petite. Au mme moment, des rebelles contre le pouvoir en place et une espionne occidentale qui n'a pas oubli son amant japonais. C'est surtout port sur l'rotisme avec quand mme quelque combat mmorable surtout pour leur audace comme lorsque Ocho combat une dizaine d'hommes en tant compltement poil !!!! Y'a de la dbauche partout et on voit que a met le paquet pour attirer le public le plus large du ct de la gente masculine videmment, les fans de combats et d'rotisme gentillet vont tre combl, a nous met constamment sous le nez des corps dnuds et on peut apprcier la plastique gnreuse de Reiko Ike et aussi de Christina Lindberg (miam !!! toutes les deux). Partouze trois, lesbiennes, SM (Lindberg en tenue d'indienne qui fouette une Reiko attache), sabre, violence !! Un festival qui aurait mme pu tre plus loufoque sans quelques passages inutile !! Mais un super bon moment malgr tout, en esprant que le reste de la "collection" sois aussi marrante et surtout, sexy !

Ratnakar S (us) wrote: An excellent Western. A soldier escapes war into what he believes is the comfort of Nature, only to discover a world that is harsh, ruthless, unforgiving where every day is a fight to survive, and in the mean he also has to battle a tribe of hostile native Indians.

Stefanie C (ca) wrote: 'She tries not to shatter, kaleidoscope style Personality changes behind her red smile Every new problem brings a stranger inside Heplessly forcing one more new disguise.'

Gavin S (de) wrote: It is one of the best animations adaptions of Batman I have seen. The voice acting was excellent sounded like the voices I imagine when reading the year one comic book. The animation worked and looked a lot like it was pulled from the book. Few minor flaws, but other wise I felt it was a good film.

Niclas H (nl) wrote: Det r gtt med en klassiker d och d! :D